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  • Yes, it would take some considerable css work. Take a look at this, perhaps you can see some similarities:

    Very helpful. Many thanks!

    Contrary to popular belief you can use ANY design with WordPress. You just have to cut and paste all the php code in index.php into the relevant places in your html, rename that index.php et voila. Many people here dislike that approach as not every page thus produced will be xhml valid. But what the hell. It’s your page, not theirs.

    Willneea, if you need any help, I created the flower layout (wow somebody actually saw it!!!) and would love to offer any assistance, I’m bored, and it’s summer. As for standards, hehe, I spent an hour yesterday revalidating my site, only to come across this post:
    written by the guy who created I laughed for a good long time after I got over the reality check… 😉

    Anonymous, thanks for your reply and comment. I know from nothing about php/mysql– so guess I’ll have to sort this, and the question of valid (x)html/css, as I go along…

    uplink, to ask if I need any assistance is the under statement of the year! First off, I’m crazy about your *wild thing*; and I gratefully accept your kind and generous offer. What is the WordPress “support” forum policy? If we do it off-forum, my email address (script/no-script) can be acessed from:
    ~david [willnnea]
    PS Valid (x)html/css has its rewards. But then so does “sucking pot roast through a straw.”

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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