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    I am testing your basic plugin for a client site we are building. We will need premium plugin because we need Stripe Connect for presales but want to make sure this is going to be compatible with Divi and so far it’s not very.

    I can use the Woocommerce template but not the WPNEO Crowdfunding Basic template. The reason is the layout does not recognize the Divi theme top navigation and so is blocked by it. The Divi builder tool is not available in Woo products (without an add-on which I don’t have), so I am using the standard Woo interface with your crowdfunding basic plugin.

    Here is a visual example: Using the latest build of Divi theme

    Also having trouble with registration shortcode. It too ignores Divi and appears at the top of the page under the menu and out of order with any other elements I place on the page. This occurs whether I use the Divi builder or not on the page.

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    This plugins can be worked with any other plugins. You can modify the shortcode. If you need Stripe Connect then you have to buy pro version. Basic shortcode is working with any other themes.

    I can not understand your registration shortcode problem. Can you give me a screenshot problem?


    Thank you for replying.

    Yes, I know we need the pro version for Stripe Connect but I always test a free/basic version of a plugin as a way to determine whether is right for a client.

    The issue is with the Divi theme. Did you take a look at the page link I provided? Here it is again and it illustrates the issue with the navigation. Link

    I don’t have the registration form on a page but will put one up again and get the link for here. The problem was twofold. First it placed the form above any other content I put on the page. Second, it exhibited the same issue as the listing, showing underneath the top navigation instead of below it.

    Thank you,

    Hello again,

    I’m back with the link to a page with a registration form:

    Here’s the page

    Also please note the page title, with the red background is showing up below the registration form. And as I mentioned already, the registration form is under the menu, instead of below it.

    If we can get these issues sorted out, then we can get the pro version of the plugin with Stripe Connect.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    It really doesn’t matter, and it’s expected that every theme may not show page accordingly because of developers variation. BTW. all can be fix by adding or removing some code in CSS.

    Let me describe

    In the


    .wpneo-wrapper {
      margin: 0 auto;


    .wpneo-wrapper {
    margin: 150px auto 0;

    It will come product/campaigns under menu here

    You can set every page which you need like this.

    Best regards

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    Thank you for your help.

    Replacing CSS in your crowdfunding-front.css file will be lost when the plugin updates won’t it? Instead, I put your provided CSS in the Style box on your settings page and it works fine there for the individual crowdfunding listing/product.

    The new/added CSS has no effect on a registraion page if I use the Divi page builder. (It’s similar to Beaver Builder.)

    Any thoughts on overriding CSS for this one? The red background block is supposed to be above the form and the form is still underneath the top menu.

    But if I put the registration form on a page without using the Divi page builder, it works okay.

    So there are conflicts with the page builder. Divi is one of the most popular themes and builders so you may wish to consider either making the plugin compatible. Or if not, adding it to your list of themes and plugins your plugin is not compatible with. Divi also provides its builder as a standalone plugin for other themes.

    Thanks again,

    Add the following CSS into your style.css url will be fine

    .wpneo-user-registration-wrap {
      margin-top: 100px;

    Best regards

    Thank you, that moves the form below the header but the page title is still showing below the form and should be above it. Basically it’s ignoring the Divi layout.

    I appreciate your help.


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