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    Hi tve,

    I’m not sure what has happened with your site in the last 2 weeks. Did you recently upgrade the plugin? Or upgrade WordPress? Or perhaps WordPress itself?

    If it was the plugin, you may need to adjust some elements if you used a custom template. Are you using custom templates for BD?

    If you upgraded your theme, it’s possible some HTML element is now invalid causing this bleed. You may need to use Firebug to find it. The easiest way is to use a blank page with the same template as your BD page and then examine that raw HTML code (without BD) to see that their template renders well formed HTML.

    I haven’t upgraded anything and I am not using any custom templates for BD… I don’t even know how to set those up.

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    Hi tve,

    OK, let’s try this. Here is an article about how to test for theme and plugin conflicts with Business Directory, which may help pinpoint the issue:

    Perhaps you’re having a theme conflict issue or a plugin is interfering. That should help flush it out.

    I had already tried the plugin check before you sent this. I tried the theme issue check tonight. The funny thing is the problem changed. So it’s better, but not quite right yet.

    I switched the theme back to 2011. Everything looked fine. I then changed the theme to the one I am using, which is Canvas by Woo Themes. The good news is the dark blue background went away. The bad news is the sidebar is still under the BD listing.

    So it almost seems like since it was working initially that there is something tweaky going on since now it is better but not quite there yet. It almost looks like the width of BD might be too large? Maybe that is why it is pushing the sidebar down? Is there a way to fix the width (for a person with limited CSS knowledge)

    Would love to make this site go live and get off the temp url. This is the last thing keeping it from going live.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    WooThemes are extremely well-written themes, so I would think you just need some CSS tweaking to get things to what you need. Here is an article about how to use custom CSS with Business Directory in a way that doesn’t get overwritten on upgrade of BD:

    Use that, plus Firebug to pinpoint the issue and I think it will get better quickly.

    The problem is I don’t really know what I need to be looking for in Firebug because I don’t know what the issue is. I have no idea why the sidebar is wrapping below the BD.

    When I am in Firebug, I don’t see anything indicating how wide the sidebar is or how wide the main content area is.

    This site is supposed to go live this weekend and this is the only thing holding it up. I can’t make corrections to the CSS if I don’t know what the problem is.

    I would appreciate any specific suggestions.

    I FOUND IT! And it was a simple, crazy issue. So for anyone else that runs into this, here goes.

    The theme I am using allows you to pick a page layout on the right (i.e. default, blog, archive, etc) – but in addition – on each page, you click on an icon that says you want either a full page layout, single sidebar left, single sidebar right, double sidebar left or double sidebar right.

    On the page where the BD shortcode was, I had clicked on single sidebar right. HOWEVER, on each individual listing in BD, there is also a place to choose those layouts and they had defaulted to full page layouts – thus pushing my sidebar to the bottom of the page. I changed each individual listing to single sidebar right and it instantly solved the problem.

    I hope that makes sense and is able to help someone else in the future. Thanks for all your help with this.

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