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  • This looks to me like a theme issue. Typically the sidebar gets pushed down if:
    A) It is coded into the wrong place
    B) It’s content is too wide for the theme’s layout. Shrink either the content width or the sidebar width.

    I believe in your case it is A. I tried moving the div “grid_9 sidebar_wrapper omega” INSIDE the div “grid_24 content_wrapper”, directly underneath the content div “grid_15 alpha”. After I made this change, the sidebar showed up as expected.

    I wish I know what all that mean but the truth is I don’t. Could you do it for me?? Or give me step by step advice?

    Many thanks, you clearly know your stuff!!!

    Np! First things first, what theme are you using?
    Edit nvm looks like you are using themia. Youll need to send me your wp login info.

    I am using themia, can you email me you email address and I’ll get some login info to you.

    chris.blackburn [at]

    Cheers Buddy, very much appreciated!!!

    Hello I am having this same issue. YARPP and Vimeo Videowall are two plugins I’m trying to use within one sidebar. Individually they work fine, but together the Videowall gets pushed to the bottom of the post content.I tried using this css that I was advised to use but no success. #left-area {width: 632px;}

    The site is in maintenance mode but I’d be happy to email someone a guest login or to post whatever was needed to get this resolved. Can anyone help? Thanks

    Glad you guys have been able to help each other out.

    @adam, I suggest you maybe ask in the theme/css section of the forums for help with your issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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