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    Line breaks (blank lines) are not taken into account in posts, and there is no blank line between a post a the link.

    Also, when the post is a bit long, the link shows only after the post is expanded, so there’s no trace in the truncated post that there’s a link associated. It would be preferable to truncate the post and the link info separately.

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  • ellbristow


    Hi @helenefi,

    Can you provide a link to your site so we can see what you mean? I’ve used this plugin on my own site and the line breaks seem to be respected as expected, so I suspect this could be a theme issue.



    Hi @jigsawspain.


    Look at the post starting with

    “Looking forward to collaborate with Remix the Commons as a follow-up…”

    I wrote it with a line break between the two sentences, and there’s a link there, not visible. Click on read more and you will see it, all crammed up under the text.

    In another example, the link goes through, but with no excerpt of accompanying text. See the link commons as generative system about 24hrs ago.



    This is definitely a theme issue, not the plugin. There is no bottom margin or padding on your <p> tags, so they are all bunching up. You need to edit your stylesheet to add a bottom margin.

    If you edit the dynamic.css file you should find a line like this:

    .activity-list .activity-content .activity-inner p {
    margin: 0;

    If you change the margin line to read:

    margin: 0 0 15px 0;

    this will ad a 15 pixel margin under each paragraph in the stream.

    Give it a go and let us know how you get on.



    Thanks. It seems to be working, though not before a video it seems:

    Now, how do I get a ‘cut off’ of three lines for the post and a few lines for the media description? In order to avoid:

    1. the link not to appear on the activity page (see the post starting with “Looking forward to collaborate with Remix the Commons…” above

    2. The link to appear with just a title and no description although there’s room next to the thumbnail



    The video is actually INSIDE the <p> tags, so you should be able to just add an extra line break
    to fix that.

    Changing the excerpts length to include the link etc is a bit more tricky. This is not part of this plugin and is part of BuddyPress itself. It was discussed on their forum at

    With the link description, I see your description text next to the image. Perhaps you could link me to an example where it’s not?

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