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  • Forum look like very nice but:
    1)Forum haven’t any option like:
    – access define role / user /visitor
    2) Where can I make subforum? I can only created forum?
    3) User online plugin not working with this forum (online / offline field below avatar)
    4) How turn off some button? e.g. Sticky or close? i don want to this button for axample editor?
    5) Can i modyfication css -> color, fot size.
    6) Important! where is information about edited reply?

    That forum isn’t useful at the moment. Please fix it.
    This is necessary changes for comfortable work with your forum. Please write me hear when u add this options? It’s Posible add above options in this month?

    best regards

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  • Plugin Author Asgaros


    1) Some permission/access system is coming in a future version
    2) Subforums are not planned because those deep folder-like structures are confusing for a lot of users. Things are easier to find if you dont have to click through X forums first.
    3) I will not integrate hooks for special third-party plugins because there are thousands of other plugins which could be integrated in some way. And I dont want to extend the forum with hundred lines of code for some plugins which are used by a very small percentage of users. I will add some generals hooks in the future so developers can extend the forums with their own functionality.
    4) Sticky/close buttons are only visible for administrators and are needed when managing a forum. I dont know why it should make sense to disable them.
    5) You can easily modify the color with the code-example described in the FAQ. But there will be a more easy way for this in the next version. All other parts can easily be modified in your themes CSS file.
    6) I dont know if a “Last edited” info is really important. Most people dont care about it anyway. You can add this information at the end of your post manually if you need this kind of information.

    Last but not least: This plugin is a lightweight forum plugin for WordPress with a small amount of key-features. You should have a look at phpBB, Simple Machines or vBulletin if you are looking for a powerful forum solution with thousands of features/plugin API/template system/etc.

    1) I’d like make forum only for registered user so I’ll be need block other unknown vistors.
    2) Ok, I understand
    3) That’s no good news. It’s very useful option whe i can see who is now online. It’s possible add small option? That’s no hundred lines of code but it’s useful not only for me. I don’t want any other widget in my sidebar
    4) ok
    5)Good news for me 🙂

    You can add this information at the end of your post manually

    My user’s too lazy for add manualy info 🙁 it should be add automaticaly.
    For me the most important is small 3) option. I’tried add this option in other plugin but it’s no working. If you finally change decision ill be so grateful

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    1) Maybe I can add a global “Forum only visible to logged in users” option to the next version because it should be implemented easily.

    Anyway: I plan a permission feature where you can select if All Users/Special Groups/Moderators/Administrators can view a certain category/create topics.

    3) I will check the User online plugin. Maybe I have time to add a hook and write a little plugin which will integrate this into the forum in the next few days.

    6) I put it on my todo-list for a future version. 🙂

    1) Maybe, but in bbpress when I added topic that url change on /forum/topic so forum is not global but topic can see everyone. Proapably There’ar some bugs in code bbp. In your code anyone cant see but wi wil check next version 🙂 Your plan sounds great 😉

    3) This is sounds great, like amanzing. Its no difficult plugin but i lost too many times for make for my own plugin to bbp.

    6) This option should be ending in finaly version. For my nervous user is necessary.

    My general Question how long we will wait for your next version plugin?
    Now my bbp foru is large and e.g. in a month it will be to big that move all topic to your plugin. I know that converter isn’t simple to do but that will be so very useful.

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    1) I have added an “Forum only visible to logged in users” option to v1.0.5 which has been released a couple of minutes ago.
    5) A color picker has been added to v1.0.5 too.

    For 3 and 6: Maybe one week.

    Great. This is Fast progress 🙂
    I find next bug with quote. When I click on Quote then during write I don’t see any symbol Quote only tab (4 spaces) and view after send answer look like that: Text Quote overlaps on image Quote (”). If u want a can make screenshot. Btw. Do u have .pot file whoose can I translate in my language?

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    A .pot file is included in the /languages folder. But you can also translate the forum on this site:

    A screenshot for the bug would be nice. You can post it in the support forum if you want:

    5 min ago i send to your plugin support new topic about Quote sybol/text displaied. There I attached screen too.

    regards 🙂

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    I just added a commit to the dev-version which adds a “Last edited” info to posts. It will be included in the upcoming v1.0.6 release.

    You can find the diff here:

    great work and support…. but

    6) A checkbox to disable this feature for admins would be nice. It is not really important, but perhaps you can add this in the future…

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    I added this option and it will be included in the upcoming release. A patch can be found here:

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    All of the things you mentioned in your first review are possible now and/or can be achieved with hooks/filters and css-modifications with the included theme-manager.

    Maybe you can give it another try. 🙂

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    Hello again, @hamlet_pl

    Is there something more I can do to change your decision about the two-star review you gave to this plugin?

    It was mainly influenced by the lack of some features. Almost all of them have been added a long time ago. For example:
    – You can set access-rights in categories for moderators/users/guests
    – You can create sub-forums
    – There is a “Who is online”-functionality
    – Buttons and styles can easily be modified via the theme-manager with an own theme or can get overwritten when adding the corresponding styles to your themes style.css file
    – There is an information under the posts when they got edited

    I would be very happy if you could change your mind about that two-star review and give it another try because it is not representing the current state of this plugin anymore. 🙂


    Resolved & Top stars.

    see ya!

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