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  • Stretch Longfellow


    Working on my comic site at Ran into a couple problems. Firstly, you will notice the massive amount of dead space right below the comic. Is there a way I can move the “Below Comic” widget up to eliminate this dead space?

    Secondly, my “First” navigation buttons only takes me back to the first comic of the story arc, not the comic archive. If I click First, then Back, then First again, it does take me back to the first comic. Note that I have three “comics”, so being able to navigate the Spoofy Randomness comic without having sketchbooks or SR: Scouting popping up is important to me.

    Note that I am very much a rookie at coding and website design, so please be patient and descriptive!

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  • Hi,

    Just came across this looking for a solution to my own navigation-related question. Apparently you don’t have it, either, but I may be able to give you some pointers.

    First: Your below comic sidebar doesn’t seem to be the problem (the latest comic, “we went down in history”, fills the whole space and doesn’t push anything down.) The sidebar to the right of the comic, however, stretches to a certain height, which on the one-line comics is way more than the actual comic’s. Placing that content somehwere else should solve that problem.

    Second: Do you have the Traverse Comic Chapters function activated in Comic Easel’s config menu? Actually, you might have, cuase it does traverse somewhat, albeit in a wonky fashion. Just asking to get the obvious out of the way.

    If you only have that one comic, the fix that didn’t work for me may work for you. After messing about with different comic hierarchies and traverse settings, I did what I used to do with Comicpress: I changed the upload form’s radio button into a checkbox.
    – Open ceo-admin.php
    – in line 29 or so (I have CE 1.7.4.), where it says “echo ‘.each(function(){this.type=”radio”});</script>’;”, change “radio” to “checkbox”.
    This gives you the option to check both the child and the parent chapter for a comic post. (Which you should be able to do in bulk from the All Comics menu.) It’s a bit radical and I’m sure Frumph has a much leaner and more elegant fix – he usually does -, but if nothing else helps, this might.

    Since posting the above, I’ve explored the navigation a bit further, since I’m also having issues with traversing between chapters. Finally beginning to figure it out, so I thought I’d share.

    It seems the traversing feature, as well as the ‘next chapter’ and ‘previous chapter’ function in the widget menu, only work right if the chapters are consecutively numbered. I’ve left numbering gaps in my offline layout so I wouldn’t have to upload all 720 comics pages just yet, and it seems that made the navigation wonky.

    Maybe that helps?

    Plugin Author Frumph


    For Max:


    Yes, for each story the chapters need to increment/dec by 1 value for it to traverse with the ‘default’ navigation.

    The graphical navigation widget has different first next prev and last checkboxes for both regular and in_chapter

    You have the characters widget inside of the below comic sidebar which is creating all that empty space

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