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  1. Perfect Circle
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    Hi. Is there an option in the cms where I can change the number of columns in which my products are displayed. At the moment I have set the number of products to be display per page to 6, but I want a 3 col x 2 row grid. My theme (mystile) is forcing 4 items per row, (see http://www.essententopals.com). How can I change this to 3?

    (note I changed the size of the wrap so it would only fit 3, but now it only puts one item on the next line, then starts a new line).

    The HTML output look like this.

    <ul class="products">
         <li class="product first">
         <li class="product ">
         <li class="product ">
         <li class="product last">
         <li class="product first">
         <li class="product ">

    I can't edit the HTML directly as it is generated by a query, but I assume there is a way the get that last and first the position correcting?

    [Closed as duplicate of: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/product-item-grid-options-for-woothemes?replies=2 ; please do not post duplicates or bump posts]

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