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  • I am searching for a translation plugin that will work with layer slider.

    I am using the free polylang version and don’t see a way to translate the layerslider strings.

    Does the pro version enable this?

    Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Have you tried adding those strings you want translated in Polylang? For example, you can use something like this in your function.php of your child theme:

    pll_register_string('please_wait', 'Please Wait', 'polylang');

    Then you can go to your Dashboard, Languages, Strings Translations, find the please_wait string and translate it to the languages of your site.

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    I haven’t tried that. Just so that I am clear on what you are saying.

    On the homepage there is a layer slider with text on the right side of the slide.

    I would copy and paste the text from the layer slider in to the functions file using the code you provided above. Is this right?

    That will allow me to provide translations for the layerSlider slides in polylang.

    I understand how to set up the translations for everything else, just want to make sure the slider content also changes.


    I am not sure what the slider is, never used it. But, if you have a string that you want translated to your other languages, you can apply the above solution.

    For example, in our site, if I want to translate the red string “Why alfa-cert certification”, I can add this in my functions.php file:

    pll_register_string('why_alfacert', 'Why Alfacert', 'polylang');

    And then go in the dashboard and enter its translation in the three languages we support. I can’t be sure it will work with the slider though.

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    Ok, I was able to find another way to translate the layer slider. However, I tried to use this method to translate a bit of text in my top bar. The text is placed in through the theme settings.

    I added the string to polylang, and translated it, but it is not changing anything.

    I am referring to the menu in the top right corner

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    Same thing goes for the ‘Type keywords’ text in the search input.

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    You have to understand Polylang is translating only content. This means, all post related content including taxonomies.
    You want to translate your theme. This can be done with Loco Translate, for example.

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    Can loco translate do everything polylang can.

    I need to translate the content. Polylang has so for been able to translate everything including menus and widgets. This top string is user created content – just like the footer and main menu- just placed in differently.

    When I look in to loco translate it says it’s good for translating strings here and there. I can’t use that alone as I need to translate all content.

    Could I use loco in conjunction with polylang? so if I translate the few areas I am having trouble with with loco , and use polylangs language switcher. will it switch over the loco translated items as well?

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    Again: Use Polylang to translate content.
    Loco Translate is using for translating the text which comes with the theme or plugin.
    These are two different things. So, Loco is not doing the same as Polylang does. YOu need both to reach differnet goals.
    The ‘Type keywords’ text in the search input comes from the theme. For this you need Loco translate.
    You have to check if the theme is translatable. Not all themes are supporting this feature.
    Get in contact with oyur theme developer. Maybe he can already provide a theme translation in your language.

    Zehria, in order for the method I described to you to work, you have to “echo” the string somewhere. In other words, in your code somewhere, you have to “show” that string in the form:

    echo $string;

    If you want to translate your theme settings, you need to use the theme’s .po file, not Polylang.

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    Lachender – yes my theme supports this.

    I installed loco translate and it worked for the theme text ( ‘Type keywords’), but doesn’t work with the top bar menu that I was trying to describe to you.

    As I said it isn’t theme generated text. I created the menu and placed it in an input that is available in the settings to display text on the top bar. it is user generated content and loco isn’t picking it up.

    Thanks to both of you by that way.

    sv1cec: I will give that a try. I should be able to find the hook that lets me place text in to the top bar – this way I can bypass having to place it in through the theme options. Sounds like it should work.


    Have you created as many menus as your languages?

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    You are right. The menu is user content and handled by Polylang.
    You have to create a for each language and assign the menu to the corresponding language.

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    I was able to do this by downloading a polylang add on : Polylang Theme Strings

    After that i only needed to use this in my templates


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