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Lay-out questions

  • Hi guys, I think this will be perfect for sharing some of my guidebooks online.
    A few questions, as this is not so clear and the demo does not show it:

    – The menu/sidebar, can it easily be changed, i.e. made narrower?
    – If so, will longer page titles wrap automatically (2 lines or even more?)
    – Is the menu/sidebar an actual sidebar/widget? Will it be possible to add other widget below and/or another sidebar to the left and/or right of the content?



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  • Just noticed another item to ask you:

    In the demo, the hierarchy and permalinks are:
    – slickremix.com/docs/doc-it/doc-it-wordpress-plugin
    — slickremix.com/docs/doc-it/getting-started
    — slickremix.com/docs/wordpress-requirements

    (1) So in the detailed page (the last one), the ‘doc-it’ part disappears from the URL. Is that something that can be switched on/off?

    I would actually prefer it to stay, so the last item would be: slickremix.com/docs/doc-it/wordpress-requirements, in order to keep the hierarchy and -more importantly-, the Google juice as the “doc-it” part will be the name/subject of the doc/book.

    (2) Can there be a deeper hierarchy? One or two levels more?

    In my case it would be site.com/guidebooks/place1/SectionX/chapterY (or even /paragraphZ

    (3) If you have several docs/books (premium version), will they all appear in the same menu? Or are there different menus per top-level item/doc?


    Plugin Author slickremix


    Hey Bike,
    first questions
    1.) The premium version has a “Custom CSS” area so yes 🙂
    2.) We have character limit to keep long titles from messing up the look
    3.) It is its own menu on document pages.

    second questions
    1.) Not without some customization can the urls be changed.
    2.) hierarchy goes to 4 levels
    3.) You can create it however you want. As separate menus or together.

    Thanks for taking an interest in Doc It!

    Thanks Slickremix, much appreciated.

    Ad 1.3.) So does this mean it is part of the page itself, not a widget or sidebar? Is there an option to have the menu in a widget/sidebar, so you do not waste all the space below it as whitespace?

    ad 2.1) This will create a problem if you have 2 subjects with a similar chapter, won’t it?

    For example, if you have 2 subjects, doc-it1 & doc-it2, and both have a ‘introduction’ page, then the URL will be the same?

    – slickremix.com/docs/doc-it1/doc-it-wordpress-plugin
    — slickremix.com/docs/doc-it1/getting-started
    — slickremix.com/docs/introduction

    – slickremix.com/docs/doc-it2/doc-it-wordpress-plugin
    — slickremix.com/docs/doc-it2/getting-started
    — slickremix.com/docs/introduction

    It is not a strange scenario to have introductions, requirements, conclusions etc in several different docs (reviews, books etc)? So it would be better to have the subject in the URL as in the levels above?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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