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  • Hello,

    First; im a noob when it comes to wordpress and i dont have much experience/knowledge of coding..

    And i dont know if there’s a solution on this forum for my problem (i’ve tried searching but i can’t find the right problem/solution).

    It’s about a theme that i’ve modified for my own blog;

    And if u click on the link, you would see my problem.
    I’ve set the maximum posts displayed on my page to 10 and there are about 11 posts.
    When the posts are more than the page is displaying, you’ll get an “older entry” link. And when that happens my whole lay-out screws up..
    My right nav bar (widgets bar) goes to the bottom of my page, the underlines goes across my page..

    When i change the max. posts display, then the problem is solved…
    But i dont want to delete my older posts so i wouldn’t get this problem.. So my question is; does someone have a solution for this problem and could someone help me please to solve it :).

    *this is a link to my page, so u can see the lay-out of how it should be like i want it 🙂

    Thnx in advance!!!

    I hope that im clear enough about my problem

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  • try fixing your mismatched tags – that should help

    Wow that was a fast response! 😀 Great!

    Thnx for it, i will try it….

    so u think that the warnings could me the problem?

    yes – mismatched and unclosed tags will bork a layout

    Well i’ve cleared the <div> tags, the only errors are about wrong embedded code…

    I’ve tried the same code on my bro’s page and he doesn’t have the problem that i got….

    When i delete all my css files, the right sidebar is still displaying @ the bottom instead of on the right side….

    Do u have some suggestions where i could look for this problem?

    wait….you deleted your css? Your css is what would tell your sidebar to be at the side of the page……

    Ohw well, i’ve put a old one back and still the lay-out is the same as without a .css file…

    I’ve put the latest .css file back, now it’s like before… after more then 10 posts (older entrie link appears)…the lay-out is still scrambled :S..

    Im reconsidering to start from the beginnen; use the unedited template and then edit it back to my style….

    Cause i cannot find out where the problem is….

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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