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    I am still experimenting and trying to get a site up and working 😐

    I have so many problems I cant begin to fathom how I could mess it up so bad, how do I use custom images for the navigation thing? how do I center the menu-items, how do I make the menu-items images reasonable sizes without losing quality or visibility?

    how do I make a distinct page for each of the five comics I am supposed to be hosting for several peopple, how do I make sure those pages only display blog posts relevent to that comic?

    how do I keep the comic from showing up on the front page?

    how do I set teh calender up to display the release schedule of each comic on the site?!

    how… everything….

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  • Theme Author Frumph


    You can find most of these answers (if not all) on

    centering menu items is just margin: 0 auto; on the inner menu css element, think I have a post on it on

    there’s options in comic -> config for displaying comic on the home page

    there’s a comic easel calendar to use instead of the wordpress based one

    Oh thank god actual help D:

    thank you so much….

    Theme Author Frumph


    Well I would load the “Jetpack” plugin (cause it has some great features)

    One of them is the ‘edit css’ module, activate that and in the appearance -> menus a new option will appear called “Edit CSS”

    You can then add that CSS to that section and click update and the site will use it without you having to edit any of the actual theme files

    thank you, but here is the thing… I didnt know that you could just add that onto the end of it, I was tormenting myself trying to find the specific place in the CSS file.

    It really helps to just know “put it on the end” or “put it wherever”

    just hearing “use this” and seeing a big sheet of gibberish numbers, letters, and other crap in non-sense patterns completely overwhelms and devastates people new at this stuff.

    because it makes me feel like an idiot… like I missed some critical knowledge of how to do something simple… and I did, but the reason is because nobody told us what to do. It feels like I am a caveman, being handed a tricorder and being told “you know what to do”

    In all seriousness, thank you for your assistance Frumph… you have been a big help, and so has your website… now I can get it to look how I want it to look, i need to figure out how to have multiple comics hosted on the site (oh joy).

    I am actually having a major problem with the comicpress

    Theme Author Frumph


    What type of major problems?

    oops, that was supposed to be part of a larger sentence, and I deleted it all because I thought it owuld be better to wait until i could articulate the thought, and the problems I was having :/

    that hsouldnt be there on the end.

    But honestly… is there a way I can put the comics on sub-pages with a blod feed that only shows specificallly categorized blogs, I want the front page to be a blog-feed for all teh blogs on the whole website. But I want the “Dans VoyagE” page to show dans voyage blogs.

    This is actually being a major hangup, and I am almost positive its gotta be possible…

    Actually there is two major problems… the one I just said above, and… well… how do I set up an archive page?

    Theme Author Frumph


    If your comics are in chapters you can specify /?latest=# (# = the chapter ID number) and it will directly go to the landing page of that comic chapter by link

    use the [comic-archive] shortcode, you just add that text to your archive page and it recognizes it, faq’s are on

    I wish I knew what all of the words you just said meant, because I am positive they would have been helpful if I wasnt as dumb as a sack of dead batteries…

    I am going to attempt something, I have no idea if its what you are saying but I am going to attempt it.

    I feel like what I want to do should be possible, but nobody seems to be giving me clear instructions on what to do.

    I want individual pages for each comic… that is all, I want each comic on its own page, and for relevently categorized blogs pertaining to that comic to appear beneath it.

    When I make a blog with the category “dans voyage” I want it to appear on the Dans Voyage page beneath the comic… is this so hard?

    so I got blog posts to display on the page… kiiiiiiiiiinda

    now I just need to know how to make the latest comic in the Dan’s Voyage chapter appear on the page… with proper navigation buttons.

    Theme Author Frumph


    .. That’s not how it works.

    Create the dans voyage chapter, put your comics in it, set the navigation in the comics -> config to be ‘in chapter only’ .

    Go to the comic -> chapters section and write down the ID # of dans voyage the chapter

    put in your url

    replace the # with that chapter id that you wrote down

    toss that link into your menu or whatever you want to access it from on your site and bam, there’s your comic.

    Well thats just great…

    I need to have the main page for the Dans Voyage comics display relevant blogs too the comic… I have people depending on me to get this site functional.

    And part of that is not having things scattered and disorganized everywhere.

    at this point it would almost be easier to just install wordpress multiple times – _ – but that would have its own array of nasty horrible problems.

    is there a way to change what date it says the comics were uploaded on? I would prefer the date reflect the actual release date of the comic rather than when I uploaded.

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