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  • (I am new to all of this, so pardon stupid questions)
    I have made the changes to the “wp-config-sample.php ” file and saved it as “wp-config.php “. I then uploaded everything.
    This was successful.
    I checked with my server to make sure that I had the MySQL set up correctly on their end, and that I had the username, password, and database name correct.
    But now, when I try to “Launch /wp-admin/install.php in your browser.” –that is, when I put into the address bar: ” my domain” (and I have tried leaving out the “wordpress” file name) I just get a “the page cannot be found” window in my browser.
    Also, regarding the “wp-config.php ” info, am I right that if my database name is Parmenides, the info in the file should look like this?:
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘Parmenides’);

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  • Database names can sometimes be different from what you expect, e.g. if you’re running the cpanel backend it prefixes all database and d/b user names with your account user name.
    However, if you get a 404 trying to access install.php then something more fundamental is wrong, you’re not even getting to the point where it tries to find the database. The only thing that comes to my mind though is obvious stuff like did you put the files in a subdirectory called something other than ‘wordpress’, or misspelled the address?

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