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  • Ok, this is my first time starting a store selling anything online. I decided to go with Woocommerce and I’ve put a lot of work into the site so I’d really like your honest feedback.

    Please understand, the About page is not done nor are two of the products’ pictures.

    The web URL is

    Thank you!

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  • Hi!

    Good luck with your launch on Saturday and with your new venture. Your site’s looking good. 🙂

    Just one “under the hood” suggestion is to run your site through a WAVE accessibility scan before launching so that you can be certain its content can be accessed by as wide an audience as possible. Accessibility checks often get forgotten about when creating a site:

    Again, best of luck with the launch!

    I think you need a logo 🙂


    That site is really neat! I’m not sure it helped me as much as it could (bit over my head!) But I did pick up a few good things. A couple images without ALT text was certainly an easy fix. 🙂

    Thank you for checking it out and the well wishes. I really appreciate the feedback.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Do you mean a small type of logo or are you talking about the banner across the top that says Easy Engrave?


    Your banner seems to appear last, and some people may think you don’t have one. I saw your Alice and Chris rings before anything appeared at the top, and began typing this before your banner even appeared.

    On a slow connection, some users may have clicked off the page before your banner does appear.

    Wow that’s pretty weird. I have no idea why that happens to be frank. I am using 2012 theme and Woocommerce plugin… any ideas?

    Thanks for the feedback.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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