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  • hackprod


    lol, the new reviews are laughable and obvious its reviews spam.

    If i could give this negative stars it would be deserving.

    Happily left Yoast when your plugin started sucking and removed it from over 80+ websites we maintained. You can pay for review spam all you want to bring back the 4star rating, but at the end of the day the truth that you created a crappy product will still be around.

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    I deleted your other post that you left in someone else’s thread, as that sort of behavior is the beginning of harassment.

    No one is paying for reviews, certainly not Yoast who is well aware of the prohibition in the guidelines. What he is doing is asking people to leave a review, and people are doing so. They are free to leave the review they feel fit, however going to other threads and leaving your unsubstantiated (and incorrect) accusations is not welcome in these forums. Please check your behavior. You have your own review, you’ve spoken your mind.

    Nothing is spam. Nothing is paid for. You’d don’t have to like all plugins, but you do have to act like a civilized adult.

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    I’d love to know when you think we “started sucking”, we might have improved the things that you didn’t like!

    @hackprod I challenged this too, and Joost replied to me that it’s just “marketing” and that he has permission to do this.

    I’m surprised Mr. Mullenweg agreed, as it opens the Pandora’s box of every developer now nagging their users to give them 5-star reviews which simply renders the review ratings worthless. I also believe combining opensource and marketing is the literal definition of an oxymoron.

    However, on a much happier note, even though I was a premium user of Yoast, the fact that it’s still bug riddled and incompatible with other plugins such as Visual Composer, forced myself and hundreds of others in my user group to switch to AIOSEO.

    This has resulted in a very big and unexpected surprise, we’ve all seen a massive jump in our rankings!!

    Go figure. 🙂

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    @rich-1: Mika, above, is actually in charge of the plugins team on, you can see what she says. She was actually in favor of us doing it like this. Whether that makes the reviews worthless: not any more than when we don’t ask happy users to post reviews and thus it only becomes a playground for people who have an issue and aren’t willing or able to communicate with our support team to solve it. We have, literally, millions and millions of happy users. And a few who are not happy, as is the case with every big software product.

    Also, we are not incompatible with Visual Composer, we actually work with them actively to make both our products better. Lastly, saying something is “bug-riddled” is easy, if you found actual bugs (which of course, like any piece of software, we do have), did you report them?

    Joost, you can try and spin this however you like but you can’t be surprised if members of the community feel you’re only doing it to cover up the avalanche of 1-star reviews at the 3.0 update, which were actually well deserved.

    You and your team ignored the catastrophic issues surrounding 3.0, and as for support even as a premium member it consisted of “clear your cache” which was laughable.

    However, if you want to go down this path of touting for 5-star reviews, I’m sure you’ll agree, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and that is entirely fair for others like me to ask the hundreds of people in my user group to pop over here and post their reviews, the reason why they switched from Yoast at 3.0 and the beneficial results their receiving to their ranking from changing to a rival plugin?

    Or maybe not?

    Oh, and in regard to Visual Composer, if compatibility is fixed I’m assuming that’s only been in the last couple of weeks, unless Mr. Verdonschot was entirely mistaken?

    Plugin Author Joost de Valk


    There were a few issues with the 3.0 update that affected a small portion of people. We have 5 million+ users (actually, only about 4 at that time, but that doesn’t matter), so a small portion of people becomes a lot. We fixed all those issues over the weeks after that release, and most people that left a 1* review after the 3.0 update that we speak to, are actually both still using the plugin and happy with it.

    You seem to think scores of people have left the plugin, but that’s simply not true. Ranking improvements are almost never the direct result of installing or uninstalling a plugin. Not with AIOSEO, not with us. WordPress core by itself is very SEO friendly, the technical improvements (though many) will never make more than a 10% difference on normal sites.

    The difference is all in how you structure your site and how good your content is. That’s why our 3.0 update was very much needed: we laid the foundation for a plugin that helps you improve both your content and site structure much more. Of course that update was painful, and we knew that going in: we rewrote almost 40% of our code in JavaScript. Literally 99% of the issues we fixed after that release were not even necessarily our bugs, they were edge cases with other plugins where stuff “collided”.

    Anyhow, as you are both anonymous here and literally the only thing you have done with your profile is complain about us, can I just assume you’re a disgruntled competitor who can’t stand losing? Or is there another reason why you must throw hate at us? Because, in the end, we are giving away tons and tons of development work to the community, for free, and you haven’t contributed a positive thing yet.

    No, Joost, I’m not a competitor. I’m a writer. I prefer to keep my anonymity so as to avoid any risk of preferential treatment that might influence me during the course of my research.

    I am certainly not “throwing hate”. The important issue that you and Ms. Epstein have raised and which I look forward to discussing elsewhere is whether reviews now have any validity if “touting” is officially sanctioned and what steps developers may feel they’ll need to take, given that both positive and negative manipulation is now an authorised option.

    However, I do thank you so much for your contributions today, which I shall thoroughly enjoy quoting. 🙂

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