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    I’ve added a #_LATT{Testname}{option1|option2} to Location custom attributes and enabled custom Location attributes. I have placed the #_LATT{Testname} in the Location format settings.
    However, any valid #_LATT doesn’t seem to appear, it will just get (presumably) substituted by an empty string.
    Is there something else I could be doing wrong or is it really a bug?

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  • I’m not sure if this is related, but under EM v5.9.4, my “Location Attributes” (including #_LATT{Latitude} and #_LATT{Longitude}) were not displaying anywhere except in the database. When I rolled the version back to v5.9.2 …is works normally. Thanks for this fabulous plugin!

    That’s good to know, thanks. Unfortunately, I’ve only installed EM recently and have no older version available. Do you know where I could find a v5.9.2 download?

    I’ve found the problem.
    In em-location.php on line 205-219 there was a change from 5.9.2 which rendered #_LATT into empty strings.
    Code in question:

    // old code
    foreach($location_meta as $location_meta_key => $location_meta_val){
    					$found = false;
    					foreach($this->fields as $field_name => $field_info){
    						if( $location_meta_key == '_'.$field_name){
    							$this->$field_name = $location_meta_val[0];
    							$found = true;
    					if(!$found && $location_meta_key[0] != '_'){
    						$this->location_attributes[$location_meta_key] = ( is_array($location_meta_val) ) ? $location_meta_val[0]:$location_meta_val;
    // new code (which doesnt work)
    foreach($location_meta as $location_meta_key => $location_meta_val){
    					$field_name = substr($location_meta_key, 1);
    					if($location_meta_key[0] != '_'){
    						$this->event_attributes[$location_meta_key] = ( is_array($location_meta_val) ) ? $location_meta_val[0]:$location_meta_val;
    					}elseif( is_string($field_name) && !in_array($field_name, $this->post_fields) ){
    						if( array_key_exists($field_name, $this->fields) ){
    							$this->$field_name = $location_meta_val[0];
    						}elseif( in_array($field_name, array('owner_name','owner_anonymous','owner_email')) ){
    							$this->$field_name = $location_meta_val[0];

    I’ve simply replaced the relevant lines in the 5.9.4 em-locations-php and it works.

    Thanks for finding this code error. Hopefully it will be included in the next version, so all “Location Attributes” display with EM v5.9.4. I don’t know if this is the best way, but I backed up and used a plugin called: “WP Rollback”. The EM site probably has a link to do this too.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Everyone, this issue has been fixed in the latest dev version and will be out in the next update too.

    You can easily try update to the dev version with a few clicks, see here for instructions –

    Thank you Marcus!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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