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  • Is there any way to make the default date format use roman numerals? For instance I’d like to be able to display today’s date as 29th of June MMV.

    I scoured the php manuals and didn’t see this as an option. Is there anybody that’s tried to do this before? Anyone with a workaround?

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  • How about a plugin?

    download | view code

    Extract and Upload year2roman.php to your plugins directory, then activate Year2Roman under Plugins. Usage examples are in plugin, but here’s an example using it with the_date():

    <?php the_date('j\t\h \o\f F ','',get_year2roman()); ?>

    The date format string ('j\t\h \o\f F ') generates “29th of June “.

    Nod to Hugh Bothwell, who provided the engine to this here:

    Make that:

    <?php the_date('jS of F ','',get_year2roman()); ?>

    everything in it, follows the PHP date() function syntax except for the ','',get_year2roman()

    for those more less familiar, once the plugin is installed, the above code get’s copied into the Main Template or:

    enabling this plugin will disable the ability to control the date formatting through the Options > Date and Time menu.

    Thanks for the help Kafkaesqui.

    has anyone had success implementing this “year2roman” plugin in the “archives” display (as opposed to just the main index.php page)?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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