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    The latest Woo Commerce update reports that this plugin is not known to be compatible with Woo Commerce version 3.0 (or later).

    WooCommerce just release its new version check so for every plugin that doesn’t have special tags in its header, it reports unknown compatibility.

    Can you please supply information to Woo Commerce so it will know whether or not this plugin is compatible?

    If you have any other woocommerce plugins, then they may need checking too.


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  • Plugin Author kaggdesign



    Actually, plugin was developed under WooCommerce 3.x version, and tested up to latest version.

    I have added formal information on compatibility to the plugin header. You can download the latest update 1.2.1 of my plugin from the repository.

    Thank you for pointing on it.


    That has fixed it.

    Thank you.

    Hi there,

    The same thing is happening for Woocommerce 3.3 now.

    Hi chipx (@chipx),
    Thanks for indicating that this is a problem that will be repeating itself.

    I have not yet updated woocommerce, because I have 8 plugins which still have not declared their compatibility as per woocommerce’s requirements with header tags. So have not been able to discover that this problem is repeating.

    There will continue to be repeated problems (examlped by this), as long as ‘each problem with each plugin’ can only be reported to each plugin on an individual basis. There is no way to handle bulk problems, say by reporting a problem, and listing (or selecting) all the plugins that the problem relates to.

    I long ago had suggested methods and looking for methods that would help handle incompatibility between any random plugins, but these have gone no-where (as far as I know) – possibly because this type of broad-scale problem is not looked at as being any particular area of interest.

    In this particular case, woocommerce could send out information in a blanket alert to their plugin authors to attract their attention. But I have no idea how they communicate with their related plugin authors.

    But it seems that systems have difficulty handling this type of information/message.

    How many other plugins for woocommerce are you running, and how many of those are reported as being of unknown compatibility?


    Hi @mksnmks

    Most have been updated now… there were 3 or 4 others that were displaying a message here but have since been updated via the plugins page or manually… it annoys the hell out of me that some plugin developers don’t notify of updates via email and don’t post updates via the platform.

    In any case these are the remaining ones:

    Plugin Tested up to WooCommerce version
    Braintree For WooCommerce Pro 3.2.6
    WOOF by Category 3.2
    Product CSV Import Export unknown
    SKU Error Fixer for WooCommerce unknown
    WooCommerce Colors unknown
    WooCommerce New Zealand Post Shipping Method PRO unknown
    Yoast SEO: WooCommerce unknown

    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    You should know that it is just a number in a plugin header. Most of plugin developers always work and test their plugins in the newest environment. So do I, and last versions of WOOF by Category were always tested with latest WordPress, WooCommerce, and WOOF versions. I just forgot to reflect version of WC into the plugin header.

    You can download version 1.5 of plugin, which has some improvements, and also reports that it is tested with WooCommerce 3.3.

    Yeah… you’re doing it better than the plugin authors with unknown being reported as their status.

    Thanks for checking in and giving us more information.

    Hi kaggdesign (@kaggdesign),

    Would you be able to put an description here, of what the fix is (for various WooCommerce versions)?
    That way, I can inform the remaining plugin author teams on how to do the fix.
    Maybe chipx will be interested in spreading the information too?


    Plugin Author kaggdesign



    It is very simple. Open main plugin file /wp-content/plugins/woof-by-category/woof-by-category.php and in the first lines you can see the plugin header

    * Plugin Name: WOOF by Category
    * Plugin URI:
    * Description: WooCommerce Product Filter (WOOF) extension to display set of filters depending on current product category page.
    * Author: KAGG Design
    * Version: 1.5
    * Author URI:
    * Requires at least: 4.4
    * Tested up to: 5.0
    * WC requires at least: 3.0
    * WC tested up to: 3.3
    * Text Domain: woof-by-category
    * Domain Path: /languages/
    * @package WOOF by Category
    * @author KAGG Design


    * WC requires at least: 3.0
    * WC tested up to: 3.3

    are responsible to reflect compatibility with WooCommerce.

    Hi kaggdesign (@kaggdesign),

    Thank you very much for the info.
    I aim to let the remaining plugin authors know, within about three days, possibly earlier.

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