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    Hello everyone

    YOP Team here

    First of all we would like to apologize for all the issues caused by the latest version we have released on friday.

    We have put a lot of work on this new version and also spent a lot of time testing but it looks like there are still problems with some servers.

    We are doing our best to fix all the problems that showed up.

    If you are having any issues with the latest version, please email us at[at]

    Thank you for your understanding.

    YOP Team

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  • Totally understand. As we say in Boston, “Dukakis happens.”

    That said, is it possible to recind the update until it is ready?

    Hi, I have lost everything, including the last Top 20 results.
    a New page with the title ‘YOP Archive’ now appear in my PAGES. ??
    I have tried to re-activate YOP again, it does not even show up in the Dashboard.
    Must I wait for you or just delete YOP ?

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey ImpalaRadio

    Please email us at[at] so we can get you back up asap.

    Thank you.
    YOP Team



    Total crap! Nothing left from YopPoll, on its place now I have some crappy app with the same name… are you guys crazy? Do you thing this is the right way to update and support an app? pfff

    Thank you YOP. They responded quickly to my email and have showed great support in helping me. I understand that POOP happens (smile).

    Any idea when an update might be coming? I’m hoping to launch a new site this week that relies heavily on a poll feature. I have been developing it with YOP Poll for the last month and it’s broken at a pretty bad time. I can technically launch as it is, but I can’t do so and then find out an update isn’t coming or have a loss of data if I do update.

    I was wrong, I can’t launch as is because it’s not letting me record votes. Such as shame. I probably have about a day before deciding to stick with it or scramble to find another plugin.

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey deisgnernaut

    Can you tell us what version you are currently using?

    Best Wishes,
    YOP Team

    I am on the new 5.0 version. I know I could probably revert back to the old one (which I was very happy with) but I also don’t want to risk losing real polls once the site launches by upgrading to the eventual 5.0 update that will be coming.

    Plugin Author YOP


    At this point it would be best to downgrade to 4.9.1.
    And that without losing any data.

    Can you please email us at[at] so we can assist you?

    YOP Team

    Paid $17 for the pro version of 5.0 and have not received the activation key for it. Also didn’t realize there were so many issues with the paid “pro” version. What’s the ETA on the activation and fixes since I am a paid customer? Not sure if I will have issues, so far current polls are no affected by 5.0.

    I have 4.9.1. Should I upgrade to 4.9.2?

    If not, what version should I wait for and what is the ETA for that version?

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hi wp_user232323232,

    4.9.2 has a security bug fixed so we would recommend to update to this version.

    We are presently working on a new version of YOP Poll but we can not give you an exact launch date.


    YOP Team

    Paid $17 for the pro version and have not received the activation key for it. How would I get that? Regards.

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