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    Hi Guys,

    I (rather apprehensively!) upgraded to the latest version of the UberMenu plugin today, from 2.2 to version The plugin code has apparently been fairly rewritten, so unsurprisingly the upgrade has messed up the formatting of the menu with regards to Menu Cart a little. Don’t think it’s anything too drastic, but just for info and maybe you can help spot what css tweaks I need to make to correct matters.

    Firstly some good news, the alignment option in the WC Menu Cart settings page in WP Admin now seems to be working! Not sure whether this is as a result of your updates or changes to the UberMenu plugin, but either way I’ve found the following tweak is no longer required:

    .wcmenucart-display-right {
        float: right!important;

    So the issue I have now is that the menu cart item seems to be sitting above the line of all the other menu items. See here:

    Should be something similar but can’t track it down so far, but will report back when I have it figured out.

    Cheers, James

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  • Ok, so I’ve got this cracked now 🙂

    The formatting issues I was having seemed to be with the font size, colour, hover colour and line height / margins not matching the other UberMenu menu items. But this was easy to fix….

    So for any one else using the Menu Cart plugin with UberMenu, here’s how to set it up. In the ‘Menu Cart Setup’ page in the WP Admin, enter “menu-item” (without the quotes) in the ‘Enter a custom CSS class (optional)’ field at the bottom. I’m not sure whether this option only exists in the Pro version, so you may need to upgrade. The “menu-item” class is the one setup by the UberMenu css which sets all the colours and layout of the menu items. So by setting the Menu Cart custom css to the same, the menu cart item will automatically pick up all of the same formatting as the other UberMenu items. Simple! No more messing about with css tweaks to get everything looking the same 🙂

    There is one slight drawback to this, which is that the left and right alignment as set in the Menu Cart settings gets overwritten by the UberMenu entries. But this is easily remedied by adding back in the code above that I said was no longer needed, ie:

    .wcmenucart-display-right {
        float: right!important;

    Not that you need to have right alignment set in the Menu Cart settings for this to take affect, other wise change the first term to .wcmenucart-display-standard or .wcmenucart-display-left as required.

    I’ve found that the UberMenu alignments still tend to take priority. Difficult to explain, but have a look at my site here:

    The first six menu items on the left (Matchless&Me to Store) are aligned left in UberMenu. The login/out link is aligned right in UberMenu. My menu cart item is aligned right, but you can see that the Ubermenu login/out right alignment takes priority and the menu cart item sits to the left of this, but still to the right hand end of the menu. Does that make sense?

    Cheers again for a a great plugin 🙂

    Regards, James

    Plugin Author Ewout


    Thanks for these pro tips James!

    We are working on a new version of both the pro and free version, and it will automatically detect and re-use any common classes from the menu – in your case this would include the common Ubermenu classes.

    Ideally of course we would like to get rid of programatically adding the menu item and use the WordPress Menu interface, but this is very hard to do.

    Then about the alignment issue, it’s near impossible to make a general fix for this, because each theme is different and sometimes floats don’t even work like you would want them to. We don’t want to make this plugin too bloated, so in some cases a bit of customisation is required. We can assist with that too of course!

    I’ll close this thread for now, as you solved your own issue before we even got the chance to reply :o)

    Cheers Ewout 🙂

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