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    Same here – luckily there’s access to other versions…

    Same here.



    And same here!



    Also broken here…

    From the apache error log:PHP Fatal error:

    Call to undefined method WC_Order::get_checkout_order_received_url() in /path/to/www-root/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-quickpay/gateway-quickpay.php on line 314

    WordPress: 3.8
    Woocommerce: 2.0.20
    WooQuickpay: 2.1.0

    HOTFIX, until he will fix it.

    FILE: gateway-quickpay.php
    LINE 341-315 replace with this:

    $continueurl	= add_query_arg('key', $this->order->order_key, add_query_arg('order', $order_id, get_permalink(get_option('woocommerce_thanks_page_id'))));
    			$cancelurl		= add_query_arg('key', $this->order->order_key, add_query_arg($query_args_cancellation, get_permalink(get_option('woocommerce_cart_page_id'))));


    LINE 320, replace with this code:

    $amount = $this->format_price(WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_recurring_total( $this->order ));

    The hotfix didn’t help here, still no redirection.

    The plugin was updated to version 2.1.1 on 2014-1-26.

    That solved the issue for me.

    the latest version does work with return redirection and payment ect. But i still get some errors with the newest module:

    Notice: Undefined variable: order_id in /xx/xx/woocommerce-quickpay/gateway-quickpay.php on line 841
    Notice: WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_price_per_period har været forældet siden version 1.2! Brug WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_recurring_total( $order, $product_id ) i stedet. in /xx/xx/functions.php on line 2908
    You will be automatically redirected to the payment window in 5 seconds. Click on the button below if you are not redirected.

    I upgraded to 2.1.1 last night, it didn’t help here (actually it was the cause of all the problems since we didn’t have any problems using the old version)

    I just tested it again.

    It does work to get the payment done… but the text for the confirmation page is not sent through meaning that the page does not contain order information.

    Back to the old version again… Annoying.

    Plugin Author PerfectSolution


    Hi Mads,

    2.1.1 should solve that specific issue, you experience. I am not able to reproduce the error myself anymore. Please tell me if you experience any error messages on your page or in your error logs.

    Plugin Author PerfectSolution


    Hi Peter,

    Exactly what text for the confirmation page are you referring to?

    No error messages appeared on the page, but I’ll try version 2.1.1 again and see if I get any messages in the error log file.

    (currently we are using version 2.0.9)

    Here is exactly what happens at our setup:

    1) No matter which version we are using (2.0.9 or 2.1.1), the customer has to wait ~5 seconds for the payment window to open. The only way to avoid the wait is to click the “Åben sikker Quickpay kortbetaling” button:

    Screenshot 1

    2) If we are using version 2.0.9, the checkout confirmation screen look just like it should:

    Screenshot 2

    3) If we are using version 2.0.11, the checkout confirmation screen is quite empty:

    Screenshot 3

    4) Nothing is written to the error_log file.


    I see the same as Mads when using 2.0.11 (though I think he has switched screenshot 2 and 3 around).

    Is using 2.0.9 until is has been fixed.

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