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  • Some sloppy code in there that I had to manually fix. Also, this plugin was last updated 2 years ago. For example, 'eqlabel' > null has broken a multitude of websites.

    Obvious fix is to deal with the typo, which shows me they didn’t even test before deployment. For those that need to fix it before moving to something better, here’s the “obvious” fix for that “eqlabel” snafoo:
    'eqlabel' => null
    You can fix that in the plugin file at /your-websites-root-directory/wp-content/plugins/wp-quicklatex/wp-quicklatex.php

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  • I made the change ‘>’ to ‘=>’ …

    I wrote down a detailed description in-case I screwed it up.


    ‘width’ => null //
    ‘eqlabel > null //

    The ‘>’ shows up.

    THANKS. That should fix several problems.
    I DO HOPE someone in “development” sees this, and checks/fixes this bug.

    Plugin Author advanpix


    I am developer, I saw this review right away and have been thinking about it since then.

    First of all, thank you for the finding and reporting minor bug in our software.
    It is indeed minor since the software have been working on 10K+ websites daily. Also it passed our tests before deployment. In fact I am using the plugin constantly on 3 different websites and still this bug didn’t reveal itself up to the moment. PHP also doesn’t report this as an error (unless you set it to treat warnings as errors).
    In any case, this bug has been fixed few minutes ago – it took just few minutes.

    One important note. QuickLaTeX is part of open source universe, which gives you the opportunity to be member of community and participate in development. You can send bug reports to developers using support forum, create the fixes yourself (especially for trivial bugs like this) and/or provide patches for the bugs.

    This is how open source works. But, instead, you did something absolutely unethical and in-respectful – you just downgraded the overall rating of the whole project because of one bug you found.

    FYI, in total 49 bugs were fixed in latest WordPress release 4.9.8. I guess you did everything to downgrade the WordPress in all accessible ways for you. And surely you abandoned such buggy framework because of so many bugs in it.

    @”Also, this plugin was last updated 2 years ago.”
    Even more, first version of QuickLaTeX was released 9 years ago. And some code is still in use. Many thousands on people have been using it over the years. We provide upgrades, Support our server-side to make sure everything works smoothly, etc.

    Unethical? What? It’s broken a whole bunch of websites, in a release you pushed 2 years ago. It’s not fit for use on any serious websites with a site-breaking bug like that. Cop it on the chin mate, you don’t get a spotless 5 star rating for a broken plugin.

    Plugin Author advanpix


    This is a lie, bug has no any implications on functionality, see my prev response for the proof. Check your servers and your code first.

    But I realized you are just a troll who can barely read few sentences.

    In this situation, let this thread be a source of information about you for your future customers and employers:

    John Campbell

    And you can safely remove this phrase from your page:
    “First and foremost, I believe in creating a positive response with these skills.”

    Open source community deserves to know its heroes….

    Have a good day.

    While I do like my plugins/themes updated regularly, I have been using WP QuickLaTeX for the past 2 years, including personalized preamble, lots of natively drawn TikZ pictures, new commands for abbreviations and environments…on multiple websites that have an educational background and have never run into any problem (including the bug you described). So far I have not come accross anything that comes even close to what QuickLaTeX has to offer, so I guess I should wish you ‘Good Luck’ on your quest to find ‘something better’.

    Ok, I think you maybe need to calm down and get some perspective.

    Just Google “Undefined variable: eqlabel” and you’ll find a tonne of websites like this that have been broken for ages. Use WaybackMachine to check them if they’re fixed now.

    At first I just thought it was your plugin that was faulty. Seems like it may be an symptom of a much broader faultiness.

    Plugin Author advanpix


    “PHP Notice: Undefined variable: eqlabel”.

    PHP has three types of diagnostic messages: notices, warnings and errors. Notices are the lowest priority advising messages from interpreter for the code. Notice is not even a warning (not speaking of “errors”). PHP usually emits tons of notices, which have very little relation to functionality of code. Exactly as in our case – “Notice: Undefined variable: eqlabel” had no any influence on plugin functionality.

    Good summary on this:

    Moreover, notices are shown by PHP interpreter only if people switch them ON in PHP configuration on purpose – to put website in debug, under development state. This situation cannot be called as “broken” to any extent.

    To sum up, you put the lowest rating to the plugin just for “notice” message from PHP interpreter. Not for error/bug, not even for warning – just for “notice” having no any influence on plugin functionality. To the plugin with 9+ years of development history and thousands of users.

    Are you kidding me? Do you consider this as normal / ethical behavior of fellow developer? Have you ever contributed/participated in any open-source project bigger than one-liner “Hello World”?

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