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  • This version 3.3.3 killed the image sizes of my store! Shop page looks like a disaster! Also in the site, images with different sizes. I just can’t understand this. It all worked so nicely before. How can you update a version without checking these important things. Under Woocommerce seetings, products, there should be a display page. This is now completely gone!

    I suggest you fire some people and fix these bugs as soon as possible!

    Totally unacceptable Automatic !

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)



    Why not post in the support forum first? There are people offering support their to help with issues like this, rather than jumping straight into reviews…

    > Also in the site, images with different sizes

    You’ll likely need to make sure images are regenerated so the sizes in settings/your theme are used.

    See image size generation:

    Sizes can be defined in the settings (see below) or may be set by the theme.

    > How can you update a version without checking these important things. Under Woocommerce seetings, products, there should be a display page

    These options are in the customizer. There is a notice on the settings page pointed you to the correct place. Appearance > Customizer > WooCommerce. You can then see any changes as they would appear on your store.

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    Hi Mike,

    If i follow your instructions in the customiser, thumbnail cropping 1:1, it looks perfect in the customiser.

    But when i click on published, the button remains like been under processing all the time and the shop page still shows the images as being uncropped.

    Any idea ?

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    All my images were perfectly alright before your update 3.3.3.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    So try another method of regen as stated in The images in the store won’t show changes until regeneration completes.

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    i cancelled the Woocommerce regeneration process,

    So where can i restart the Woocommerce regeneration again ?
    Its not explained in your description above.

    Thank you.


    I have a similar issue. Since I installed the update the images appeared uncropped. In storefront customizer I set crop 1:1, which made product images on shop page look nice a square again but product images on each individual product page isn’t cropped. It’s not cropped in Customizer, it’s not cropped when published. The small additional images below the main image look all blurred. I could see regeneration going on but I also have thumbnail regenerator plugin, which I used to regenerate the thumbnails. Nothing has changed.

    Can someone help please. I really can’t understand it and don’t how to fix?

    Thanks in advance.


    I have just tried twenty seventeen and it actually says that individual product images won’t be cropped. Storefront didn’t say anything about that. Is that right though? I don’t understand why change that? I am developing my site and was just about to go live. I was really happy with the way cropped images looked and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Why change these important settings and how do I get my images cropped again?? It means I have no control over the way my individual product images appear?? How is it a good change? Why make the product worse than it was?
    I thought the updates were supposed to make plugins better and not to complicate things and cause inconvenience to users. That is all this update has been though. Nearly two weeks of trying to fix it without getting far, wasted time I could be doing some other important jobs.

    Have used the same theme (The 7) and Woocommerce for years. The latest release 3.3.3 created absolute havoc. I don’t know what is wrong, can’t afford to pay a developer to figure it out either.

    The only way I can get to load is to disable EVERYTHING Woocommerce. HostGator actually restricted this site and took it down. Disabling Woocommerce solved whatever was wrong so at least my site is back up – but I don’t have a store any more.

    On to my other site, That one always worked well until 3.3.3. Now it’s slow as snot. I just activated Woocommerce recently with only two products. So, I have a feeling that’s why it’s limping along even tho one of the product images will not display no matter what – it just keeps spinning.

    And why post here and not in the forum? Because this is my honest review and experience with Woocommerce 3.3.3 and other people need to be aware and beware – you do get what you pay for. My next steps are to try to restore both website prior to the 3.3.3 plugin and database updates.

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    I had the same problem, posted a support thread and got no where (A lady started helping me but it would appear she’s given up as I’ve not had any further response but the problem still exists).

    For now, I used a plugin called Rollback. This has been a godsend with Woocommerce at the moment.

    You’ll need to rollback to 3.3.1 as anything above that has the inflated image problem.

    I’d also advise creating a test environment. Basically a duplicate of your live website and always update plugins on there first. This is what I’ll be doing going forward. I know I should be doing this anyway but I’ve always been able to trust Woocommerce with their updates. Recent events have changed that unfortunately.

    Hope this helps to get you at least back to normality for the time being.


    Hi Sir,

    is this going to be forever? When can we spect to be able to fix our images? have a nice day

    we just need the display option… agan

    is very important

    Hi Gemma,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I am using a third party theme. The developers helped me resolve some of the major issues this time. But in the future I’m definitely testing a new version first. And then roll back to the old version if I need to.
    Seems to be the way to cope with the updates!




    Just some feedback.. The new image sizes in WooCommerce is TERRIBLE! I hate it so much.
    So far i only encountered issues with it. Why would you even fix something that works great?

    Now i cant set subcategories to specific sizes, because its now controlled by WC and using same sizes as the product thumbnails. So stupid.

    Further more, i can’t control whether i want to crop only the thumbnails in the archives and not the product single image.

    This sucks! I hope there is some plugin out there to override this stupid new “feature” that nobody ever asked for.




    Please fix this Woocommerce. Its a major issue.
    Images wont get square….

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