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  • Thanks for letting us know @mlmjr. Do you mean that there are no options to choose from, or that your previous setting is now blank?

    You’re welcome, Aaron. Where there used to be a menu of check boxes available to select a particular font style, there are now zero options to choose from. The list has vanished.

    I’ve also just discovered that this same issue is also on “4. Choose character sets you want.”

    Which font do you have selected? Also, what are the notices at the bottom of the page under the “Font List Synchronization” heading?

    I have Roboto selected for Font 1 and no other fonts.

    Font List Synchronization says:

    Font list is up to date. Last updated March 12, 2013, 10:27:48.

    A stylesheet item changed in this release that makes the areas you’re talking about visible instead of invisible. I’m wondering if perhaps your browser is showing you the old stylesheet (a cached version).

    Can you please try to do a “hard refresh” two or three times and let me know if that solves it. On a Windows computer, you do a hard refresh by holding down the shift key while clicking your browser’s refresh button. On an Apple computer it’s Command+Shift+R.

    Using Chrome, I just completed the hard refresh as you suggested. In addition to this, I also cleared Chromes cache manually. I logged into my site with Firefox as well, cleared its cache and performed hard refresh in that browser. Unfortunately, still no fix.

    i am seeing the same issue on my production server but not on my test server.

    the production server has all kinds of caching turned on and the test server has none.

    after upgrading the plugin on production, i did clear the caches, so that might not be it. but that is the primary difference between test and production.

    @mlmjr and @pjv, if either of you have developer tools for Chrome or Firefox, can you please inspect the “Choose the font styles you want” element and tell me what content is in the <div class=”webfonts-variants”> element?

    If it is indeed a stylesheet issue, you should see something like this (although the font name will be different):

    <h3>1. Choose the font styles you want:*</h3>
    <div class="variant-Adamina variant-items">...</div>

    If it is not a stylesheet issue, you will see only the <h3> element and nothing else. Please let me know what you find.

    Here is what I found:

    <div class="webfonts-variants"><h3>1. Choose the font styles you want:*</h3>
    <div class="variant-Roboto variant-items">
    <input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Ultra-Light-100" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="100" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Ultra-Light-100">Ultra-Light 100</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Ultra-Light-100-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="100italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Ultra-Light-100-Italic">Ultra-Light 100 Italic</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Book-300" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="300" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Book-300">Book 300</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Book-300-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="300italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Book-300-Italic">Book 300 Italic</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Normal-400" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="regular" class="check Roboto" checked="checked"> <label for="Roboto-Normal-400">Normal 400 </label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Normal-400-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Normal-400-Italic">Normal 400 Italic</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Medium-500" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="500" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Medium-500">Medium 500</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Medium-500-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="500italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Medium-500-Italic">Medium 500 Italic</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Bold-700" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="700" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Bold-700">Bold 700</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Bold-700-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="700italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Bold-700-Italic">Bold 700 Italic</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Ultra-Bold-900" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="900" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Ultra-Bold-900">Ultra-Bold 900</label><br><input type="checkbox" id="Roboto-Ultra-Bold-900-Italic" name="googlefont1[variants][]" value="900italic" class="check Roboto"> <label for="Roboto-Ultra-Bold-900-Italic">Ultra-Bold 900 Italic</label><br></div>

    Great, thanks @mlmjr. That means it is a stylesheet issue. To confirm further, you could click on the ‘<div class=”variant-Roboto variant-items”>’ element in your developer tools, and then uncheck the display:none rule in its matched CSS rules. You should then see the options boxes.

    We will be providing an update (v3.1.1) today that will add a version number to the stylesheet that may help correct this issue.

    That did the trick! Thank you for your help, Aaron. I’ll be looking forward to that update.

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