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  • Jarnovos.
    That’s how it’s supposed to work. But it doesn’t work like that…

    If I enable integration. And then click accept all it DOES NOT register on jet pack. I’ve tried this on multiple devices and just doesn’t register in jet pack stats

    Plugin Contributor jarnovos


    I visited your website and the statistics event is not being fired when giving consent. There is a category for Analytics cookies, but this fires the Marketing event instead.

    If you add the following code as a “mu-plugin”, this will force activate the Statistics category.

        function prefix_jetpack_set_statistics_required( $stats_category_required ){
    	    return true;
        add_filter('cmplz_cookie_warning_required_stats', 'prefix_jetpack_set_statistics_required');

    Privacy legislation in Europe allows to gather anonymized statistics before consent, but this is more strict in some countries (Germany, UK) where consent is required to gather anonymized statistics.

    Disabling the Jetpack integration would mark the Jetpack cookie as functional. In the context of GDPR you should therefore keep Jetpack “Connected” with Complianz, as it is the intended behavior to not track statistics without consent.

    Thanks @jarnovos , but this doesnt work either.

    I enabled the jetpack integration, added the code as mu plugin. and does exactly the same. Jetpack stats dont register either before “accept all” or after “accept all”.

    ive also tested this on a staging system with no other plugins other than jetpack and the twentytwenty theme, it does the same.

    due to GDPR i may have look into another gdbr plugin, unless a solution can be found.

    Thank you @jarnovos for explaining. I appreciate it.

    Plugin Contributor Aert Hulsebos


    Hi @tobeycat, @dfounde, @torstensbuechereckede.

    I can’t replicate it on a installation;

    I saw; visits come in but are delayed in the dashboard.
    By default visits from admin and other users are excluded.
    Needing consent for Jetpack will most likely cause a drop in data.

    For, a condition might caused the issue. This is removed here;

    Please let me know!

    regards Aert

    Thank @aahulsebos but that doesn’t help?
    What are we doing installing that entire plugin or what?

    Bit of a vague response and unclear

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    @dfounde with the mu-plug-in jarno provided, do you get the statistics category in the banner?

    The problem is that jet pack is blocked as statistics, so needs a stats category on the banner. The mu plugin or alternatively the branch provided by Aert (which can be downloaded as zip, then installed instead of your current Complianz plugin) should both result in an additional category, statistics.

    When you have the statistics category, you should see the stats event fire in the console.

    @rogierlankhorst no I didn’t. I just got the functional and marketing.

    I’ll try the branch and let you know.

    @rogierlankhorst ok – ive tried the branch too and still the same..
    no additional category for stats showing and still the same issue.

    Ok I think ive sorted it…
    after alot of messing about…

    i use google site kit plugin. so during the wizard its a bit confusing and i must have had it set to use Tag Manager for analytics. i dont.. i use google analytics for this.. once i changed this and carried on with the setup wizard, the categories automatically where set for statistics.

    and jet pack stats are working fine at the moment.

    i’ll keep you updated if any issues.

    @torstensbuechereckede it may be worth running through your setup wizard again and just double check. as mine was working fine before the update. but at the same time may be a slight oversight on our part.

    just an update.

    although it seems to be working…

    im seeing all 3 options, functional, statistics and analytics

    however the only two that are being fired are
    fire cmplz_event_functional
    fire cmplz_event_marketing

    any advice?

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    @dfounde I see that when statistics are fired, there is no logging of that. So although it’s working as it should, the feedback is missing. I’ll add that to our to do list.

    Ah ok. So it’s definitely working fine and as it should. It’s just the feedback that you guys need to sort?

    Plugin Contributor jarnovos



    Yes, the statistics event (cmplz_event_0) is fired correctly. The logging of this event in the console will be sorted in the next update.

    I’m marking this as resolved, let us know if we can assist further.


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