• Everything was working fine when i started until like it was updated 11 hours ago
    Now the feeds i have assigned to some categories get posted on social media as PAGE NOT FOUND (in the link) with an image of a post i did 2 years ago
    The same image gets posted everytime
    All the other feed URLS no longer work except that particular one
    And the worst is i cant even delete the feed URL’s because after refreshing the page, they still come back

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  • Plugin Contributor CyberSEO


    Do you understand that those 3rd-party plugins that post to social media can NOT handle the actual post featured images? Why? Because these images don’t exist at the moment of posting. WordPress creates the post first, then all your 3rd-party social media plugins get triggered. And only after that the featured message is being created and added to that post as a post attachment. This is how WordPress works. Please read something about it. I would recommend you to start here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/set_post_thumbnail.

    Once again: when post is created and posted to your social media sites it has no featured image, which can be added later but not before! Learn the basics please before you post your comments here.

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