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  • I applied the latest update but now I cannot access ANY site with this plugin.

    whatever the update does it deletes the htaccess file in the process.. even if I put a backup htaccess file back it still fails to work..

    I updated 5 blogs before I discovered the problem.. I discovered the htaccess file was gone. I was not sure it was this update that was doing it, so i tested it out on another site and yes, the moment I update it deletes the file and no longer allows access to the site..

    obviously this was seen during the update testing, I hope the update was tested..

    So how am I to fix this so I can gain access to all my sites..

    obviously this update has rewritten something major..

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  • This happened to me as well!

    Seconds after clicking the Upgrade-button I got 500-errors when trying to access any part of my site.

    The .htaccess file looked like a mess, and deleting it didn’t help.

    How can I get my site up running again? And why did this happen?

    All right, I figured out what went wrong – and I think I know why.

    Everything after the salt-keys in wp-config.php got deleted, and I guess this happened because I have Norwegian language as default, and a comment in there stating that it’s forced to Norwegian (this is done by the WP-team).

    My guess is that the function that parses and upgrades wp-config.php doesn’t understand anything when it gets to this comment, thus crashing and breaking the file.

    Fix wp-config.php and your site should be fine

    NO.. No my sites… Mine is English…

    No HTACESS files exist after I attempted this, the config file looks fine..

    I’m sorry to hear this. Was there any error message during the update that would indicate what went wrong? If not, can you check the logs to see what crashed? I saw this message an hour ago and have tried about 20 updates without such and issue so I need to know what is going wrong on your servers to help.

    I didn’t get any messages, I was instantly locked out…
    The webhost I use doesn’t allow customers access to the log files

    thomas, in your case, with the language, I could see where that would be a problem. I will try to get a list of languages to scan for the appropriate line in future versions. Can you please send me a working copy of your wp-config (minus passwords please) so that I can compare and try to prevent this from happening to anyone else?

    20pips, what about you, you’re .htaccess has me slightly more worried as, while the languages can be addressed, I need a little more information to see what happened to you.

    My sites are all english, they are set to default:

    define(‘WPLANG’, ”);

    I have been able to fix all 6 of the sites affected by uploading a backup of my htaccess file and deleting the updated plugin from the plugin directory, and then uploading that directory from a backup I had of each one of my sites (lucky I only just did that last week)…

    So now I have all my sites with version 3.4.4

    I am unable to apply the upgrade as it deletes the htaccess file and installs the new plugin and then prevents me from being able to access the site.. and with the htaccess file gone its naturally creating a hole heap of other problems.

    Even if I delete the plugin, download and install it, it still does not work..

    It has been the best security plugin on the market but now it needs to be rolled back to the older version and redone again, as this update has obviously been rushed and is unsuccessful.

    20pips, what host are you using? I’m up to about 20 upgrades on 3 different hosts without issue (I’m specifically trying to reproduce the issue you’re experiencing). Do you have any access to error logs that might show where a problem has occurred?

    All security rules in my .htaccess file was added again, in the middle of the existing security rules. Is that related to the wp-config problem, or could it be another issue? How do I send you my file?

    thomas, can you email it to me at info at bit51 dot com.

    I have the same issue, I renamed the plugin folder and my site works fine again now. Before, I guess it even crashed my Apache (loop?), because my server backend returned a 500, too. Logs only said that request got early terminated (nothing more).

    @appleseedexm which host are you on?

    Got the same error. I have this plugin in 4 websites but lucky for me i updated only on one.
    After this i got a huge 15 lines messages of errors and didnt have access to anything.
    I contacted hosting (namecheap) And they disabled it and told me that it made changes to htaccess and wp-config

    I love this plug in and i dont know what to do now 🙁


    I have 4 hosting accounts and many blogs….

    I started slowly testing other blogs with other hosts, and they have been fine.. I have not updated all my blogs yet (I will be doing that this morning – one by one}

    The 6 blogs that went down that I have now recovered are with the host “NamesCheap”

    there does not seem to be an error recorded for the most part… however one of the blogs did record an error in the log file… So maybe this is a clue to what is occurring:

    (please note I removed my blog info from the error message, but that info simply points to the plugin, so it should not be needed to understand the error}

    [04-Dec-2012 03:05:15 UTC] PHP Warning: filetype() [function.filetype]: Lstat failed for (removed my blog info from here} /plugins/better-wp-security/inc/filecheck.php on line 492


    the newest update clears database settings in wp-config.php

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