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    Well this is interesting…
    I have a few comments on my mail inbox regarding this topic , yet those comments are not showing here. All of them having the same problem:

    Mihail D wrote:
    urgent need button 🙂
    All Events (562686)

    doubledworks wrote:
    Yeah, whats up with that. I can’t find anything anywhere to dump the logs ?

    techspecx wrote:
    I second this – where the heck is the clear logs button.


    It has been removed. Below are the reasons we decided to

    1) You rarely know exactly when you need logs, so providing an option to clear them would increase the chance of people losing access to valuable information at a later time.

    2) Some admin users on the site might have different uses for the logging details, so the new system allows people to view what’s important to them (with an option to show all entries later if desired) resulting in each user controlling what they see.

    3) If someone got into a site that shouldn’t, having a button to easily cover their tracks isn’t a good idea.

    It’s worth noting you can still set how many days you’d like the logs to rotate in your Global Settings.



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    This is really unfortunate; this deleted function of clearing the logs on the fly was insanely useful to us.

    As a premium plugin user I’m getting hacked off with my posts being deleted Gerroald

    What are you trying to hide ??? The facts its useful to have a clear logs button !!!

    Yeah I agree with @alex80ks

    We should get to drop “our own logs” as and when we want too and not at a predefined time which we could forget about and not check therefore missing something important.

    I also agree with @lechon who said my comment was deleted. It’s not the only one either.

    Whats up with that ???

    Return the Log Clear button.

    The new update and the lack of a clear log button caused a number of critical problems in the operation of databases! I did not want to describe them all here! Did a rollback to the previous version of the plug-in by clearing all the garbage (yes it’s rubbish! Logs can not be called logs) forbade updating on more than 200 sites of this plug-in! waiting for a solution to the tune! My personal rekomedatatsiya not buy a premium of this plagiha until normal will not write a list of critical changes!

    I also vote for restoring the “clear log” button. Due to a misunderstanding with one of our users, we’re generating a lot of “404” errors and the resulting logs are growing at the rate of about 10 MB per day.

    Hey. You can create personal page with and custom template and delete logs whenever you want. Prefix the database, replace it with your own. Make a backup.
    Good luck.

    custom template

     * @package WordPress
     * @subpackage U-Design
     * Template Name: Page iThemes Security Clear All Log
    global $wpdb;
    $wpdb->query('TRUNCATE TABLE wp_itsec_logs');
    $wpdb->query('TRUNCATE TABLE wp_itsec_lockouts');
    echo "iThemes Security  - clear all log " . date('Y-m-d H:i:s') ."";
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    Let users decide whether or not to delete the log.

    On my business hosting on which 76 servers are installed deleted this version of 6.9.0 with more than 300 sites! in addition to the cleaning button there are still a number of problems about which in 90% here it is written in different topics! Filled with the previous version 6.8.1 which does not have these problems! I recommend everyone to simply roll back to the old version and wait for the solution! Also I ask the developers to make changes to the list of changes! So that our test team can test these changes on our test servers before the global update on the working sites!

    There are numerous legitimate reasons I want/need to remove the logs. Bring back the clear button please!

    • Before creating a staging site
    • when moving a website
    • etc. etc.

    Hey – here’s an idea. It’s a log! Let the user decide what to do with it!
    This includes clearing it.
    This includes classifying the logs (Extra clicks now to see all events).
    Don’t go all facebook on it and decide what I need to see and how long I need to see it.
    Maybe you can have a ‘dummy mode’ for people who don’t know what a log is or who you don’t want to scare.
    But for everyone on this thread and all the other non-dummy users out there… bring back the clear log button.
    Reverting to 6.8.1 until these deficiencies are resolved.

    Ugh. I can’t believe how annoyed I am about this.
    Here’s a simple use case for the logs.
    Please tell me how this might be accomplished with the new stupid logs:

    I review ALL of the entries in my log.
    But I do not do this on a regular schedule.
    Entries should remain in the log until I review them.
    After that, I should not have to review them again – and I shouldn’t have to write down the date/time I last reviewed logs on a post-it note to do this.

    I don’t know where this developer learned English, but the last time I checked, removing features is not generally referred to as an “enhancement”. That’s like saying that taxes are “salary enhancements”.

    I’m disappointed to see the clear log button removed. Another useful feature was the one that allowed users to sort the 404 pages in order to see which had the most hits. This feature had always been helpful to easily identify 404 pages and then do the proper 301 redirect.

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