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  • All of the edit panels like Short description, long description etc are all closed.

    Clicking to expand them does nothing.

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  • It looks like the classic editor is not working. All my pages come up as text… Can someone please look at this issue. I can not make any changes to my site!

    Same problem here.. all the pages come up as text (and some unclickable links)..
    I’m using WP 5.4.2 and Classic Editor 1.6
    The site had to go live this week, and I’m unable to work or make changes.
    This is quite an issue… Can somebody (expert) please have a look & let us know how this can be solved?

    many thanks in advance!

    Olá, também estou com o mesmo problema, ontem efetuei uma atualização para o wordpress 5.5 e o editor 1.6, mas não consigo mais usá-lo, a barra de ferramentas do editor não aparece e as janelas não estão permitindo nenhuma edição

    I can’t change the slug at the top of the page, only in the field specifically for that purpose. Can’t edit/add Featured Image. Many other bugs. I deactivate the Classic Editor plugin and I can do what I need to do but my client can’t edit their own site, being unfamiliar with blocks. Is there a workaround for Classic Editor breaking with the 5.5 update?

    Same problem since updated to WP 5.5. I can’t access the text editor. It’s stuck on visual editor.

    Olá, consegui resolver por aqui, reintalei o tema e aí tudo se resolveu.

    Same problem here.. since updated to WP 5.5 and Classic Editor 1.6.

    Can’t insert image, icons, edit/add Featured Image… nothing work.

    Nothing is working since last update, please fix it.

    I have the same issue. Installing Enable jQuery Migrate Helper fixed it (saw that in another thread), but that is not really a permanent solution, is it?

    Hello, I had the same issue and I confirm that the plugin named:

    Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

    solves it even though it will trigger warnings in the backoffice – at least you can work.

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    The jQuery Migrate Helper plugin may fix it temporarily but it’s not a solution. It’s just a workaround.

    There still needs to be a proper fix.

    >>Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

    Has worked for me – and does generate a load of errors but I can work.

    Any news on a fix for the Classic editor?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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