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    After the latest in an ever-growing list of updates, Yoast no longer functions correctly on my website.

    I do not have the option to add a Focus keyphrase, I have no dropdown to see what items affect the SEO score, there is no traffic light appearing anywhere.

    I suspect this is a Theme conflict as on other sites the options still appear but this has only happened since the last, or maybe one of the last several updates.

    The Theme is WPResidence with 17,000 sales so I would expect that I am not the only person who has been affected. I doubt it is another plugin because all those on this site are also active on other sites I manage and those do not seem to have been affected.

    Hopefully, this can be corrected or maybe I need to look at an alternative SEO plugin.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Rumejan Barbarona



    We’re sorry you’re having trouble using the Yoast SEO plugin.

    This looks like a conflict indeed. Before we ask you to perform a conflict check, can you please make sure you’re running the latest version of WordPress, Yoast SEO, as well as the latest version of your theme and ALL other plugins?

    If everything’s already updated on your end, please perform a conflict check. The fastest way to do this is to deactivate all non-Yoast plugins and switch to a standard theme like Twenty Nineteen

    Test this on your development or staging site, if you have one. If not, we recommend using the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. This plugin allows you to run a conflict check without affecting normal visitors to your site.

    As we can imagine that you’re unfamiliar with checking for conflicts, we’d like to point you to a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process: How to check for plugin conflicts.

    If you do not feel comfortable to do this yourself or if this does not solve your issue, our Yoast SEO Premium plugin comes with one year of (technical) support.`

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    I guess this is your standard reply to this situation. As a designer with 20 years experience, I do know how to do a conflict check.

    If you read my submission you will note I clearly said that your plugin was working up to the point of either the last or penultimate update. Considering there have been 4 updates in the course of a week it’s a bit difficult to keep track! Oh! and another today! I was hoping that might fix the issue but it hasn’t. Keep trying. Maybe you will get it right eventually.

    I have added no additional plugins, nor have there been any Theme Updates and WP 5.7 was running and your plugin was working. So there is no doubt that any conflict is the result of that update to your plugin. I have over 20 sites I manage and all of them use the same or similar plugins to the one on this site where a different theme is in use. That is why I suspect there is a conflict with something in the theme.

    Plugin Support Pcosta88



    We understand the frustration this is causing and know that this situation is upsetting. We very much want to work with you to troubleshoot the issue. However, we need your help.

    As we are not familiar with your site, if you were to perform a conflict check and switch over to a standard theme does the issue resolve? This guide explains more:

    If the issue resolves, then it is likely the theme that is the issue.

    If you could then re-activate the theme and provide the following information to us. It would help us to better understand the direction of the issue.

    1. Please take a screenshot that shows the issue. We ask as we are not sure if the metabox is blank, as in no data is appearing OR if the metabox is appearing but some data (like keywords) are just absent.

    You can use a tool like: to share the image.

    2. If you then check for JavaScript errors do any appear on that page in the backend? They would appear in red in the console. Can you describe them or take a screenshot? If you are not sure how to look for JavaScript errors please use this guide

    Plugin Support Priscilla Chapman


    Hi @adrian33000,

    This thread has been marked as resolved due to a lack of activity.

    You’re always welcome to re-open this topic. Please read this post before opening a new request.

    Thanks for understanding!

    Thread Starter adrian33000



    I did not receive the previous response and for that reason there has been no activity.

    I have tested using other themes, 20-20 and 20-21 and get the same result. I have also used the Troubleshoot tool with no effect.

    I have also checked for JS errors in the console but none appear.

    I have taken a screenshot of what is appearing the link is

    Plugin Support Md Mazedul Islam Khan


    Thanks for following up with us and for sharing the relevant screenshot @adrian33000. Per your screenshot, the focus keyphrase and content analyses are missing in the Yoast SEO meta box.

    The focus keyphrase and content analyses can be disabled site-wide or per user. So let’s confirm it’s enabled for your site and for your user specifically:

    • SEO → Dashboard → Features: Are both keyword and readability features enabled?
    • Users → Your Profile: Are both SEO and readability Unchecked?

    Can you please inform us of the results?

    Thread Starter adrian33000


    Thank you. The User item has resolved this issue although it still does not explain how or why the setting was changed.

    I am the only administrator on this site as it is still in development. I had set my user settings when beginning the site development and have had, nor would have, any reason to change them. Yoast was working as it should and it was only when creating a new post, following updates to both the plugin and core 5.7, that the normal items no longer appeared. I cannot tell if it was the plugin update or core update that may have resulted in the “Disable SEO analysis” becoming checked but that was the cause.

    I manage around 40 websites with this plugin installed so it is impossible to check every site and as many have more than one admin so it could be that some are affected and others not. I did check a sample but have not found a similar situation although that is no guarantee it will not replicate itself elsewhere but should it do so I will now know how to rectify it!

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Support Priscilla Chapman


    Hi @adrian33000,

    Thanks for your response. We’re glad to hear that changing the setting solved the problem, but we share your concerns about how the setting was changed.

    If you do notice this issue on any other sites or have more details, you’re welcome to reply or create a new issue.

    We’ll leave this topic open for the next week just in case you have any updates.

    Plugin Support devnihil


    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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