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  • Resolved Deleyna


    Hey, gang…all of the multisites that I rep suddenly had their spam protection stop working this AM. They all need new codes re-entered, and there’s a white label section that feels like some of the helpful description parts are missing (they actually say “add description here” instead of the helpful bits.

    Just letting you know…

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  • Some more info:
    2019-10-01 20:15:03: Error occured while checking account status. Error: SERVER_ERROR NO: 6 MSG: Unknown access key.
    2019-10-01 20:15:02: Error occured while automatically gettings access key. Error: Array
    2019-10-01 20:15:03: Error occured while API key validating. Error: Testing is failed. Please check the Access key.

    I get it…I need to log into the client’s account and get their key…which I’ll do, but this looks scary to a client…

    Plugin Support SergeM


    Hello, @deleyna.

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We will investigate it as soon as possible and contact you when we get any results.

    It may take 1-2 business days. Please, wait.

    Plugin Author Safronik


    Hello @deleyna

    Sorry about situation. I’m sorry about “Some description”, forgot to replace it =(
    We need you to answer a few questions to clarify the situation.
    1. What version of plugin you had before the update?
    2. Please, check your wp-config.php (in the website’s root folder). Does it contain constants from this article ? When did you set it?
    3. Do you have constant CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY defined in wp-config.php? When did you set it?
    4. Does the error appears on all sites? Or on main site only? Or on secondary blogs only?

    Please, contact us.

    I can’t say for sure, but I think I had the latest version in all sites before updating. I’m aggressive about keeping sites up to date.

    I think I had some of them set in the wp-config, but looking at them just now, I’m not seeing any of the keys set there any more. I vaguely remember taking the key out of the config and moving it to the main site a couple of versions ago. (Sorry…very tired today and brain is not 100%…)

    So…none of these seem to have the constant defined in wp-config.

    I’ve already entered the keys again on all of my sites that I saw that were having an error. (I may find others, in which case I’ll be more aware of answering these questions…)

    But…I can tell you that right now this error:
    2019-10-01 12:34:42: Error occured while checking account status. Error: SERVER_ERROR NO: 6 MSG: Unknown access key.
    Only shows on the sub-sites, not the main site where I did enter the code. I could probably put the code back in the wp-config on those sites…but it looks like the anti-spam is working despite the error? Not 100% sure.

    Plugin Author Safronik


    Thank you for the quick feedback!

    Glad to hear that protection is running.

    Unfortunately we can not continue support in this topic due to rules.
    Please, contact us at in your CleanTalk dashboard.

    Please, make a screenshot of plugin settings on the main site (just the top section) and attach it to support ticket.

    Please, contact us.

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