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    After updating to 5.9 and pro 2.6 all events are missing from the admin and frontend links to the go to 404 pages.

    I think this is due to the timezone updates. It seems that nothing seems to be recognised as a future event.

    After updating, I ran the network update.

    I also tried the tool to change all events to a certain timezone (I set to UTC as the blogs were anyway) and this also seemed to make no change.

    If I add a new event manually then that shows and the event_start, event_end, and event_timezone columns get populated but all previously existing events have these columns set to null.

    Finalising the update doesn’t appear to change any columns in this table either so I’m not sure if the issue is with the network upgrade or not but it looks like I’m going to need to restore from a backup and test another time.

    Let me know if I can provide you with any further information or if you can let me know what clicking on these update buttons is supposed to do.



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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve just updated the dev version to which will fix the missing event issues, and possibly also fix the problems with regards to the dates too. We’re running some final tests, but this is likely what will be released as 5.9.1

    This was indeed a bug in our timezone upgrade process specifically with multisites with global tables mode turned off, and if you immediately clicked ‘Update Blogs’ after updating the plugin.

    The fix is not automatic, given the problem is only in 5.9 and it’s been out a couple of days, trying a retroactive automated fix opens the possibility to other things going wrong.

    It is, however, an easy fix. Simply go to Network Admin > Events Manager > Admin Tools > Reset Timezones, select ‘Default Blog Timezone’ and ‘All Blogs’ and click the “Reset Timezones” button. You’re basically triggering the 5.9 update of timezones again here, and all your events on all blogs will get the individual timezone of each blog it belongs to.

    If you have lots of blogs, this may take some time (tested this on a site with 98 blogs), and if your server times out, go back to reset timezones as instructed above and you’ll see some instructions to resume the reset process from where it left off.

    @marknjones I didn’t receive any email from you, are you sure you contacted the right place? Try the latest update and see if that helps, if not please do try again or contact support at (provide a link to this page and your username so we know it’s you)

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Again, to update a dev version automatically via the dashboard –

    Plugin Author Marcus


    We’ve just updated to 5.9.1 which should fix the issue. See above for instructions on how to upgrade and get your events showing again (there’ll be an admin notice telling you how as well).

    Marcus – First, I am really impressed by your response times and interactions with your freemium support.

    • 1. My site’s are individual sites, not multi sites.
    • 2. Disregard my previous comment regarding baseball games being rescheduled to the future This is a non issue, the games were scheduled and will run properly.
    • 3. After the weekend and before updating to 5.9.1 – events issues appeared to self resolve. My theory is a cron job that my site is failing to trigger within a reasonable amount of time. I was having issue with recurring events not updating and or listing immediately. Since update, appears to have resolved.
    • I have updated to 5.9.1 and it appears, all is well.

      Sidebar but may be related: WP Calendar Pro is recommended as a separate plugin ( ) which is a better looking calendar but has not been update for 1 year. Could this be related and if so, is there a more current calendar to complement your plugin?

    OK, I did the update to 5.9.1., did the timezone reset and all blogs except one show up events. Well, events do show up in the list, but if I click on them, I get a 404. I can not access them in the admin panel, it sais there are events in the list, but they do not show up. Only drafts show up. Its working on all other blogs of the multisite network (20+ sites, 200+ events)

    If I try manually to reset the timezones for this single block in network admin -> events manager -> admin tools, I get the error message:

    Adding new meta data key _event_start: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    Adding new meta data key _event_end: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    Adding new meta data key _event_timezone: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    Adding new meta data key _event_start_local: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    Adding new meta data key _event_end_local: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

    What can I do to correct this?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @nate281141 glad it’s working now. The other plugin is actually WP FullCalendar and it hasn’t been updated mostly because it works. Not all plugins need regular updates to work properly.

    AFAIK it’s working correctly with EM (and separately for posts). It is due for an update where we’ll upgrade the library behind the calendar, and maybe make some minor tweaks.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @plastikschnitzer not sure what’s in your comment but it broke the layout of this page and I didn’t see your reply first time. Check the first page of this thread where I gave a link to get in touch.

    If the problem is specific to one blog, it may well be the theme or plugin causing problems, but happy to take a closer look.

    Hello again.

    I finally came back to this, thinking the upgrade would now run correctly.

    Out of an abundance of caution, I cloned my live site to staging (on WP Engine) and tested the update. This was an update from v5.8.1.3 to v5.9.2. It worked correctly without any event dates being set to 1/1/1970. Great I thought, let’s run it on the live site.

    You can tell where this is going can’t you…

    … that’s right, running the update on the live site – exactly the site I had just cloned – and all events reverted to 1/1/1970.

    Both updates were run from the Plugins screen, clicking ‘update now’. Any ideas how I can resolve this? What would be the difference between a live site and an exact clone of that live site to a slightly different URL?


    Copy the db tables from the site that updated successfully to the live site?

    Well yeah I probably could do that, but it’s a lot of hassle when the plugin should really just update correctly in the first place!

    Yes, but it’s better than having a broken live site.

    Or replace the live site from the backup.

    Yep I reverted to the backup straight away. Still got an out-of-date plugin, which needs updating because of another bug relating to embedding attributes in the shortcode.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @marknjones, at this point, I’m quite confident with the TZ feature now and reliability, there’s a good chance that if you previously attempted to upgrade with a buggy version, this wouldn’t have gone through as expected due to the previous update not completing correctly.

    My suggestion would be to run the timezone reset tool in Events > Settings > Admin Tools

    That said, I’m confused why it’d work on a clone copy and not the live site….

    OK I’ve resolved this now by updating on a clone of the site without issues.

    One possible cause though may have been the previous install being behind a CDN. Does that sound possible? It’s the only real difference between the site that wouldn’t update, and the version that updated fine.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    A CDN I don’t think would have any effect, because JS files aren’t really affected by the TZ changes.

    If you have caching, however, then yes that may well have been the case.

    Glad you sorted this out! Anyone reading that has issues, this issue is marked as resolved, so please post a new question if you experience similar issues and reference this URL if you deem necessary.

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