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    After updating to 5.9 and pro 2.6 all events are missing from the admin and frontend links to the go to 404 pages.

    I think this is due to the timezone updates. It seems that nothing seems to be recognised as a future event.

    After updating, I ran the network update.

    I also tried the tool to change all events to a certain timezone (I set to UTC as the blogs were anyway) and this also seemed to make no change.

    If I add a new event manually then that shows and the event_start, event_end, and event_timezone columns get populated but all previously existing events have these columns set to null.

    Finalising the update doesn’t appear to change any columns in this table either so I’m not sure if the issue is with the network upgrade or not but it looks like I’m going to need to restore from a backup and test another time.

    Let me know if I can provide you with any further information or if you can let me know what clicking on these update buttons is supposed to do.



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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Rob,

    It sounds like the upgrade didn’t go through well, however, that wouldn’t result in 404 pages to the event pages themselves. This has been tested on Multisite installs as well and it did upgrade OK in our tests, and in ones that didn’t the events always ‘existed’ as normal WP post/pages, they just didn’t appear on lists.

    Finalizing the upgrade wouldn’t make a difference, but resetting the timezones should set things right, on multisite you should also make sure you’re choosing the right blog.

    Could you please get in touch here?

    Please include a link to this thread so we know it’s you, I can take a closer look at your site that way.


    I’ll give it another go tomorrow on a test server and see what happens (getting a bit late here).

    I do have some overrides in the theme for the frontend which could potentially cause the 404’s but they were missing from the admin as well.
    I should have looked a bit closer at the posts table before restoring.

    I just found my bosses login details for your site but there seems to be some issues with redirects trying to log in.
    Is the pro support forum a better place or use the contact form?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    If you’re a Pro customer, then yes certainly. You can open a ticket there and submit some login details right after from the link at the top of the support forum page.

    All of my events 404-ed when I upgraded too, on a non-multisite install.

    Reverted the plugin files to the previous version (without reverting the database), and many events (some had a start date, some didn’t) were listed as 1 January 1970.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @marknjones I’m just not able to reproduce these issues on any site I’ve tested. If you can get in touch as mentioned above, I can take a look at your site too.

    If you finalized the update via the admin settings > admin tools after upgrading, you may be seeing 1970 dates for that reason. In all cases, you should still see valid date/times in the wp_em_events table under event_start_time, event_start_date, event_end_time, event_end_date as those are still stored as local date/times, whereas event_start and event_end are meant to be in UTC time, along with an event_timezone value.

    Clearly this is an issue but it is happening to a small subset of people, likely with a very specific setting combination or maybe a specific plugin that’s interfering in some odd way.

    The only way for me to efficiently check is by looking at your database/install.

    I am having the same issue as marknjones where the update caused my current and future events to change dates to Jan 1, 1970.

    I am going to give it some time to self adjust since I did notice that after reverting back to 4.9.4 things went back to normal but only after some time passed.

    I chose not to finalize the update since the line item instructed to wait until you are satisfied. According to what I read above, this should not have any direct effect?

    Sorry just completed Upgrade Network at it all seems ok now!

    @robwent @netweblogic

    I have the problem in the multisite too. I updated the network and now no events on all sites are accessible, in backend as well as in frontend.

    Even resetting the timezone for an individual site doesn’t work.

    Did you found a solution on this?

    In calendarview the events will show: , but detailed views answer with 404.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m not sure if this is related, but we’ve found some timezone related issues on certain setups (still determining the exact cause, but it looks more like offending code than a bug in EM)

    Can you try dev version It’s pretty much 5.9 with a small tweak or two which may fix this problem.

    You can upgrade to EM dev versions via your WP dashboard, see these instructions.

    If that doesn’t work, see my first comment, get in touch!

    Hi Marcus,

    this doesn’t fix it.Send you a meesage through the contact form.

    Best, Daniel

    I haven’t had time to test today but just sent links to some backups if they can help.

    Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to send them through the bottom form which tells you not to use it if you already have the plugin installed…


    5.9.01 did not have an effect in resolving the date and time issue. I still have events who’s dates have been changed to 1970 after the first update. However, I also realized I have some prior events that have been rescheduled for the same month/day but are now future 2018 events.

    i.e. an MLB game scheduled for May 26, 2017 that is now appearing as a future event scheduled for May 26, 2018.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Everyone,

    Yes, the latest update specifically fixes issues on sites where the hours of the event are off by a few hours, which is caused by other plugins resetting the server time (WordPress defaults the time to UTC usually).

    Regarding MultiSite issues. I’m already investigating Daniel and Rob’s sites to see what I can find, but they’ve only reported 404 issues, @nate281141 I’d need to see your site as you’re reporting different symptoms, get in touch via the link above.

    @marknjones Reverting should in theory work if you didn’t complete the upgrade via Events > Settings > General > Admin Tools – if the only symptom you get is 404 pages and missing events, as it matches David and Rob’s issues hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it over the next day, but you’re also welcome to get in touch as it may help to test it on more sites.

    I didn’t complete the upgrade. I did visit the plugin settings page, but didn’t save anything. I tried re-saving permalinks and reverted the plugin (can’t remember which way round). On that site, some (but not all) events went to 1/1/1970. On the other sites, I didn’t visit the plugin settings page but reverted straight away. Those sites seem OK.

    I dropped you a line from your homepage contact form, and can give you access to a staging version of the site which broke worst if that’s any help?

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