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  • I updated the plugin to 2.9 and it messes up my theme – the sidebar gets shoved to below the page, the TOS floats on top of the registration form, the form is not legible because of all the stuff on top of it.

    I had to go back to 2.8.10 until I find something else. I have never used any other plugin to do what WP-Members does but the update notice irritates me and if another admin decides to update it, the page will be all messed up and I cannot police them around the clock. I sent a message to all about it but that often does not get the attention it deserves. Especially when I am so careful to have all the latest updates — this goes against what I lecture all of them about!

    I have tried every different style page but the problem is still there. Glad I tried it first on my test site, and backup up the current site settings!

    Wish it would work with all the new changes and the upcoming ones!

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Do either of you have any additional information that would assist in figuring out what the issues might have been? Such as:

    • What version did you update from?
    • What version of WP?
    • What theme?
    • What stylesheet were you using for the plugin?

    Hi Chad,

    I updated WP-Members from 8.9.10

    WordPress 8.9.1

    Using TheProfessional from Elegant Themes

    I tried every stylesheet.

    I noticed that if I remove the TOS text on the dialogs page it fixes the problem, but I’d want my TOS in there if I am asking someone to agree to it.
    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I did a test run through of an upgrade with that theme (ElegantThemes Professional) and unfortunately wasn’t able to reproduce anything that comes close to your description. So I’m wondering if something wasn’t fully loaded (which can happen a small percentage of the time when updating via Today was fairly active in terms of updates, so it is possible that the full package did not load correctly.

    If you had your test site up somewhere where I could look at it, that would be helpful. That would give me a more complete idea of the issue.

    Regardless of whether that’s possible, it would be helpful to know (1) what stylesheet you were using prior to the update and (2) if that stylesheet remained selected.

    Of course, the other possibility is that you weren’t using a stylesheet at all before and were relying on the old table based forms which have been removed from the plugin (this was planned and announced back in the 2.7 version). But even in that case, the update should remain on the stylesheet that was selected (even though it would not have been used).

    Hi Chad,

    Sorry about the delay in responding but I am ill so things take time. I installed the plugin on another live site of mine that doesn’t have a lot of activity so you can see what its doing. My test site is on my local pc so…

    Anyway, here is the page that is set up like my main site and I put the formatted text into the TOS dialog box which links to the form and you can see where it comes up. I tried all the default stylesheets.

    I currently have the Twenty Eleven on selected. Now this site has never had this plugin on it so it is a clean install and I have not changed anything on it prior to right now.

    This is all the plugins disabled except the wp-members and my custom permalinks, which is necessary with yahoo webhosting or none of my content would be found.

    I will leave it like this for a while (8pm EST) but have to return to the right setup because most of my activity happens in the middle of the night!

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Well… you get a gold star @summer313!! You found the first actual bug in the new release. (and gold star for me, too… I already have a patch for it.)

    In the file forms.php, line 663 is:

    if ( ( ! wpmem_test_shortcode( $content, 'wp-members' ) ) ) {

    Change it to this:

    if ( ( wpmem_test_shortcode( $tos_content, 'wp-members' ) ) ) {

    The logic for wpmem_test_shortcode was screwed up (which I’ll explain below) and this resulted in making the link for your TOS the actual TOS content. In your case, your TOS has a lot of HTML markup, and that is what was making things look really big (the <h2> tags).

    I went around a few times on how checking shortcodes was going to take place. I wanted to get rid of the wpmem_test_shortcode in favor of the WP function has_shortcode.

    However, I have a very supportive user of the plugin who uses WP 3.5 and for a number of reasons, cannot update to 3.6 (or higher). Since has_shortcode is a 3.6 function, I decided to change my original plan and keep the old function.

    But I needed some additional functionality for it, so I actually changed the function to utilize some of the WP native shortcode functions’ elements. Obviously, in this location, I screwed up the logic.

    This will be patched permanently in 2.9.1, the list for which is already being built. But until then, for any effected users, change that one line as noted and you’ll be fine.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Also, I should add, thanks for putting up that test site for me to take a look at. I would not have found this otherwise.

    Hi Chad,

    I’m really good at messing things up, not so for fixing things, so I am glad that I could help! My brain is too old to learn all this stuff but I like to use them so having people like you to develop them, saves me a lot of frustration!

    I certainly appreciate how fast you dealt with this issue, it reaffirms my faith in our fellow man! I have been in contact with some of the nicest people through WordPress and with me being totally bedridden it helps me to feel ‘not so out of things’!

    Thanks again Chad!


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