• Resulted in HTTP 500 error. Disabled the plugin, rolled back using WP Rollback plugin, and thank God WP Rollback restored my site with the original forms. The latest update needs to be updated. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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  • Plugin Author Kyle B. Johnson


    We identified an issue with sites using the deprecated codebase and have released a new update.

    UGH! My site went down as well with 3.0.17. When I deactivated it site came back up. I have not got the older version of the plugin anywhere and I don’t even know if I lost the 15 forms on my site. Don’t know what to do. I see that Kyle (author) has released a new update. Should I delete 3.0.17 and re-install the update//

    My site also went down with 3.0.17. Came back up once plugin was deactivated. Don’t know how to proceed. Should I DELETE 3.0.17 from my plugins, then install the update you just created? If I delete 3.0.17 will I lose my forms?? Would it be safer for me to rollback to an older version and if so how can I get an older version? Please advise asap.

    Plugin Author Kyle B. Johnson


    The v3.0.18 update should be available in the WordPress dashboard. Your forms should be fine.

    Compatibility with WordPress 4.7? Listed as ‘unknown’
    I tried to upgrade to 4.7 today and it also broke my site. Called my host, they downgraded wordpress, and everything back to normal. Scared to upgrade anything ever again 🙂

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    Hi. We’ve tested thoroughly with 4.7; there aren’t any issues there that we are aware of.

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience and headache. We test all of our updates before release, but sometimes things like this slip through the testing cracks.

    I hope we can gain your trust as we go forward and earn a better review. 🙂




    My site broke after form update Version 3.0.17 HTTP Error 500
    after deactivation of plugging it came back.

    But now new update Version 3.0.18. Update Failed: Could not create directory.

    Please let us know. what will happen to our old form data submission.
    our website is running without contact form.
    Resolve it or we have to move to other form provider


    Plugin Author Kyle B. Johnson


    If your WordPress install is having issues installing an update, then you can de-activate and delete, then re-install from the plugin repository.

    “I hope we can gain your trust as we go forward and earn a better review.”

    Mistakes happen. But this one broke down my site for a couple of hours and I lost mucho sales. That’s my livelihood at stake. Not sure I would want to pay for something that is neglected in such a way. You need to do better than this. Big time.

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    I completely agree; we need to do a better job of preventing things like this from slipping through the cracks. We have implemented some new things to our workflow, like automated Acceptance Testing, to help catch problems.

    I will say, though, that We found the issue and released an update that fixed the problem within 15 minutes of the offending release.

    It’s now showing compatibility with 4.7 wordpress. But the changelog is not showing what’s changed for version 3.0.19?

    Sorry to be a pain, but I am sitting here wondering whether to go ahead with the latest update or find another form plugin because although I am a born risk-taker, this may not be one I want to take today, based on what happened two days ago.

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    Not sure why the changelog isn’t showing up on the “changelog” tag above, but if you download the zip, you’ll see the 3.0.19 changelog.

    = 3.0.19 (07 December 2016) =


    * Product, Shipping, and Total fields should now work in all locales.
    * Fixed a major bug preventing forms with date fields from showing in some instances.

    hey guys!

    I just updated my ninja form to 3.0.19 and it’s started to do the problems that you guys discussed above 🙂

    is there any progress so far?

    Plugin Author Kyle B. Johnson


    @norbert86 the v3.0.19 release addressed any known issues. Can you contact support? http://ninjaforms.com/contact

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