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    In the WordPress codex the advice is to NOT use as permalink structure because of performance reasons. It is a very popular usage however, and I saw in a comment on some blog that as of WordPress 3.0 it is not a problem anymore to use such a structure. The commenter said that the codex hadn’t been updated though.

    I have tried to search for “3.0” and “permalink” but I don’t find anything. What is the current status, some-number/post-name still better than just post-name?

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  • The commenter said that the codex hadn’t been updated though.

    That commenter doesn’t know what s/he is talking about.

    Category in Permalinks Considered Harmful

    Hi esmi, thanks for the answer. OK, so the advice is still the same?

    Makes me wonder though, all the popular blogs which gets loads of traffic and use the structure. Is it because they use cashing that it’s not so critical? As a visitor of such a site you don’t really notice any performance issues.

    The advice is still the same – for improved performance, start your permalinks with a numeric. Whilst some of the larger blogs on dedicated servers with lots of caching etc might be able to get away to non-numerics, the average site on a shared server may not be so lucky.

    I’ve always used one of the pre-sets and I’ve never had a problem with Google placement.

    Thanks for answering!

    I still get so many conflicting answers on this question. It the Ottopress link above, it appears that one of the commenters say that Version 3.1 has now fixed this issue and the author isn’t disagreeing or isn’t arguing. I’m feeling like I should be safe than sorry on this issue but it would be nice to just use the postname.

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