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  1. harlleye
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm not sure this is exactly a bug, or whether this is the best place to report this, but I thought you (the developers) might want to know about it and wasn't sure where else to put it:

    My friend is using Forever on her WordPress.com blog ((mostly) sewn) and she was having a problem with the latest posts—instead of 4 posts in 4 columns, she had three posts and an empty column, the fourth-latest post was simply not shown. The main post area below began with the fifth-latest post. It turned out the blog was set to display only 3 posts per page, but Forever was still extracting 4 posts to display but only displaying 3 of them.

    I figured the theme might not have been tested with such a low posts-per-page setting. I'm not sure it's exactly a bug since it is kind of honouring the blog-wide posts-per-page setting, but it's definitely a weird problem that someone with less experience with WordPress/blogs wouldn't know how to solve.

    Maybe in a future version you could override the posts-per-page setting for the latest posts section, or at least put a note in the theme info warning people to set their posts-per-page to 4 posts minimum!

    Great theme by the way!

  2. Hi there, would it be possible for your friend to report her issue over in the WordPress.com support forums so the staff there can take a look:


    If she adds the "modlook" tag to the thread in the Tags area a staff member will be able to have a look.

    That would be super helpful - thanks a bunch!

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