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Latest post missing

  • My lastest post is missing from the slideshow. Actually, it displays last post from 2 to 6 instead of the five last ones. The source code shows <meta name="msapplication-notification" content="frequency=360;polling-uri=http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=1;polling-uri2=http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=2;polling-uri3=http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=3;polling-uri4=http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=4;polling-uri5=http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=5; cycle=1" /> but my lastest post seems to be referenced as “http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com/?feed=http://blog.example.com/feed/&id=0


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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    It looks like something is wrong with http://notifications.buildmypinnedsite.com right now, so tiles wouldn’t be able to update, hence the issue. Buildmypinnedsite.com outputs the ids starting at 1, so I would imagine they’re having some difficulties with their API at the moment.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Looks like the site is back up now, and I can confirm that the id should be 0 for the first post (although all of them grab the last three posts for the large tile size). Despite this, I can confirm that the most recent post is displaying for me, even with the lowest id as 0 and not 1.

    Are you still noticing an issue or did it just need some time to sync? If there’re still issues I can try to find out why they recommend using the lowest id as 1 instead of 0.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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