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    This is my first posting here, so bear with me if this is a false alarm:
    I was running 3.0-beta2-14860 and did a (manual 😉 automatic update to whatever build number is next. And got an empty home page (0 bytes) and empty wp-admin page. I have been updating like this pretty much every day, so something just changed…

    I reinstalled (ftp) 3.0 beta2 by hand, and then repeated the automatic update and got the same results. Setup details:
    – plugins: akismet 2.2.7 & Stat 1.6.3 package (alllatest versions)
    – Dutch language (.mo) file installed
    – site (but I will fix it)

    I will do some further experimentation, but wanted to report this quickly.

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  • The problem still occurs with all plug-ins disabled and with the language setting in the wp-config.php commented out.

    I turned on debugging:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘)’ in [myhost]/wp-includes/nav-menu-template.php on line 281

    Yes. This is the error in build 14896. Overwriting this file with an old version fixes the problem.

    After releasing nav-menu-template_14896.php in build 14896, a new version was made available (also called 14896) with a bunch of differences.
    Particularly function _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context( &$menu_items = array() ) disappeared.

    The problem seems to disappear/reappear. As I am going nuts trying to track down with diffs what’s going on to that file, I have to leave this to the experts. Do the files constantly change content?

    * are build number assignments automated? Or is it possible that the contents of the zip change without changing the build number?
    * has the nav-menu-template.php file has been changing rapidly (dozens of lines of diff) recently?
    * I test the stuff using two small blogs. One hosted in the US and the other in Europe. Can some of my versioning confusion be that these got served from different locations that were out of sync?

    Peter (in Holland)

    Thanks for the flood of helpful replies from this community.
    From this I conclude that nobody else seemed to have had the problem.
    The problem seems to have gone away in build 14960.


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