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  • Hello.

    I have a blog at running WordPress and a forum at running vBulletin 3.6.8

    I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to place a block on the side of my blog near the navigation pages that lists the 10 latest posts at my forum.

    So it can connect to my forum database and pull the name and the link to the 10 latest posts which it can display on my blog.

    I would like it to have the option of updating something like every hour so it isn’t intensive.

    Is there a plugin like this and how hard would it be to make?


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  • I am brand new to WordPress and trying to set up a family research site. I signed up at and I’m just discovering the world of I want to do essentially the same thing you were describing: Have my blog in the main body, but also have a sidebar that shows the latest activity on a forum on the main page of my site. Readers can read my latest message on the blog, but can interact with me and other readers on the forum, rather than posting themselves to the blog and commenting that way. I then want users to be able to search the forum to help them further their own research.

    What did you discover about this? Do you have to just use a plug in and put a forum on a separate page? Or would what I’m trying to accomplish work with just having everybody be able to post and comment on the same blog? Is there a way to make the forum look and feel like the WordPress themes? Is there away to pop in a forum that looks like the forums?

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