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  • That sounds similar to me.

    Recently I updated WordPress and WooCommerce, but I can not say for sure if this problem didn’t exist in the last versions before the updates.

    When creating products with variations as explained, no drop-downs (and so no “Add to Cart”-button) is shown. It’s not an empty drop-down, it’s an empty html-table without drop-downs and drop-down labels:

    <table class="variations" cellspacing="0">
    <tbody> </tbody>

    At the same time, an old variable product worked well. But after saving it (without any changes), now there is also no drop-down in the front-end.

    I changed the theme to 2013 and deactivated all plugins (except WooCommerce), but the problem still exists, even after re-changing this.

    Roy Ho


    Did you make sure each and every variation has a price set for it?

    Yes each variation has a price. But the attributes won’t save. I went to the developer and the fixed the code, but it still does not work on our end. Why would an update send my product post off. I don’t understand

    @ mkeegan:
    Does that mean the products even have no attributes in the back-end?
    My problem only exists in the front-end.

    @ splashingpixels:
    Yes, I tried many ways: Normal and bulk edit, same and different prices, with and without sale prices. But it amazes me most, that this problem even occurs at re-saved products. Why did it worked before the re-save without any changes?

    Yes that is exactly it. Same problem. They do not save and do not display on the backend.

    Roy Ho


    Hmmm I just tested it on my end resaving some of the attributes and I am not seeing any issues.

    Were any of your products imported?

    Yes, I ex- and imported some products „WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite” for testing. But the last products are created in the back-end. And it seems that all products have got this problem.

    Did you even re-saved some variable products (and not only the attributes)?

    But now it works, with regular and user-defined attributes. Unfortunately I can’t say why. I shut down my computer yesterday, but our local server (where the site currently is hosted with MAMP) wasn’t restarted.

    I tried the All Import Plug in and with a CSV and it left characters unreadable by JS.

    I guess the programers did not fix the glitch.

    No none of the products were imported. But I did use the WP all import plug and it did left characters unreadable by JS. We deleted everything associated with it. Then we updated and now we cannot save any attributes.

    Hi thought i would just add to this post, as this problem had me very annoyed.

    In my case, i deactivated both WP all import as well as the woocommerce add-on,then re activated it. This worked for me and i did not lose any of my templates. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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