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  • I really sincerely love your plugin and was hoping that the problems would have been fixed and they were with the previous update but your newest update again has created problems where traffic numbers are not appearing for newest articles.

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  • Noticed the same too

    Same here + some other undefined problem

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Could you guys give me a bit information about the problem such as other installed plugins, a screenshot of the problem, server configuration and…

    To find the problem It’s better you tell me about notice errors.

    Thank you.

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    For a few weeks after I enabled your plugin it was capturing traffic numbers perfectly. Your previous update essentially created a problem where numbers weren’t being recorded for posts published after the update was enabled. You fixed the issue with a previous update. Well, your newest update created the same problem again. A screen grab wouldn’t really be useful because it will just show a half dozen posts without hits.

    With me, nothing is counted, and I have a user online without land, IP or whatever.

    Same for here. No traffic is counted. Have not installed any new plugins or did any other changes. The screenshot will not help here. It is just not working after last update. WHere i can roll back the update?

    But it must be due to another plugin, unfortunately not nucr which, I have 4 WP pages and only one spins the statistics.

    My statistics haven’t been updating since the last update as well. It’s as if its stuck



    Same problem here. Since 12.12 there is only one vistor without IP and referrer listed. Due to the fact that IP is not recorded anymore it is not possible that the visitor count is working. Which means the IP is lost and that is the reason why it is not working anymore.

    I have not installed new plugins but did the normal updates. I’m not completely shure if this is connected to an update of WP statistics or another plugin.

    Edit: I have deactivated, deleted and reinstalled the plugin. That does not help.

    There are some plugins which I use:

    Addendio Plus
    Antispam Bee
    Block Blockglovin Iframe
    Bloglovin Button
    Broken Link Checker
    Classic Editor
    Collapsing Archives
    Cookie Notice
    Cronjob Scheduler
    Datenbank bereinigen und optimieren
    Email Subscribers & Newsletters
    Enable Media Replace
    Google Captcha
    Gwolle Guwestbook
    Host Info
    Image Recycle
    LH http2 Server Push
    Link Library
    Media File Renamer
    No Self Pings
    Optimize Gravatar Avatar
    PHP/MySQL performance Statistics
    Post Date Time Change
    Quotes Collection
    Really Simple SSL
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Scripts to footer
    Shariff Wrapper
    Simple Pull Quote
    Social Medial Follow Buttom Bar
    SSL Insecure Content Fixer
    String Locater
    Universal Star Rating
    Wordpress phpinfo
    WP Mail
    WP Speed of Light
    WP Statistics
    Yoast CEO
    Zuklappende Kategorien

    Some Server data:

    PHP-Speichernutzung: 23.274.712 Bytes

    PHP-Speicherlimit: 256M
    Max. Speicher, den ein Skript zur Ausführung verwenden darf; gesetzt in php.ini.

    Version von WP Statistics: 12.5.5
    Version des Plugins, die auf der Seite läuft.

    PHP-Version: 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
    PHP-Version, die auf der Seite läuft.

    PHP “Safe Mode”: Nein
    Is PHP Safe Mode active. The GeoIP code is not supported in Safe Mode.

    PHP IPv6 aktiviert: Ja
    Is PHP compiled with IPv6 support. You may see warning messages in your PHP log if it is not and you receive HTTP headers with IPv6 addresses in them.

    jQuery-Version: 1.12.4
    jQuery-Version, die auf der Seite läuft.

    cURL-Version: 7.58.0
    The PHP cURL Extension version you are running. cURL is required for the GeoIP code, if it is not installed GeoIP will be disabled.

    Zlib gzopen(): Installiert
    If the gzopen() function is installed. The gzopen() function is required for the GeoIP database to be downloaded successfully.

    GMP PHP-Erweiterung: Nicht installiert
    Wenn die GMP Math PHP Erweiterung geladen wurde, dann ist GMP oder BCMath notwendig, um die GeoIP Datenbank erfolgreich zu lesen.

    BCMath PHP-Erweiterung: Nicht installiert
    Wenn die BCMath PHP Erweiterung geladen wurde, dann ist GMP oder BCMath notwendig, um die GeoIP Datenbank erfolgreich zu lesen.

    I have this problem too. Please tell me which recent update changed how plugin counts viewes/people so I could downgrade.

    Even where to get the older version? There has not support. I am going to disable it for awhile to avoid any issues on my site.

    The version you want to use is 12.4.3

    After that, this plugin is simply broken. 12.5.4 did repair the stats collection to about 30% of the REAL number (an improvement but still bad), but now, 12.5.5 is just back to square one. Useless. Totally.

    I laugh at all the people giving latest 5 star reviews. This plugin is broken for like….one month now. ALL my sites using this plugin that I have updated are NOT showing any numbers for the real traffic.

    A site getting 600 visitors per day is showing on your plugin as ONE visitor. Yes, one (1) visitor.

    Same for the others.

    Plugin Author Mostafa Soufi


    Thank you for useful information, the counting issue will be fixed soon.

    Now, although the statistic seems to go again but unfortunately I have to deactivate it again when I want to edit my tabs or accordion, because again no editor goes on.

    Now is recording visitors again, but it seems it the visitor count is half of 12.5.4

    Still very low numbers.

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