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    Not sure but I think it is in combination with liveblog wp plugin – but it may conflict with other plugins too. Basically it is so bad I had to go to ftp and rename wpdiscuz folder to make sure it gets deactivated. Then restored to Version 5.1.2.

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    Hi tiotrom, kamiljot,

    I’m sorry but we’re not familiar with this plugin, we have no clue what’s the issue.

    It would be better to contact to Liveblog plugin support.

    Since wpdiscuz was the one who broke the website via the recent update I think maybe you should look at why that happened? Maybe this will affect other websites using other plugins in combination with wpdiscuz. We can contact liveblog developer too, for sure, but I thought (again) that if your plugin broke the website via the recent update then the culprit must be it.

    Hi, I had same problem updating wpdiscuz from 5.1.2 to 5.1.3 and I don’t have liveblog installed on this website.

    This is crearly a problem with wpdiscuz.

    Also reported on their support forum:

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    Dear users,

    we’ll check and back to you asap.

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    @tiotrom, @kap7,

    The issue with the Liveblog plugin is already fixed. Please wait for the next update it’ll come soon.

    Thank you!


    Same here, update to 5.1.4 (from 5.0.7) brakes the site (on two installations). I don’t have liveblog. No php error, no Apache error – just blank main panel in administration view and missing some parts in webpage view.
    This are mine plugins:

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    Hi @saur0n,
    1. Please disable wpDiscuz, delete it, search and install it again.
    2. Then find error.log file in your WordPress root directory and let us know what errors you see.
    3. Also please let us know the PHP version and WordPress version you use.
    4. If you have a copy of wpDiscuz template files in WordPress active theme directory. please remove those.

    1) I kind of did that already, deleted wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/ (not from panel, since panel was not accessible), and installed fresh 5.1.4. Same result as after update.
    2) I don’t have any error.log (any type of the logs) in my WP directory – this is my installation, on my server. Like I said php error log file and apache error log file where empty. I can turn on WP debuging if you like.
    3) Debian SID, PHP 7.2.4-1+b2, Apache 2.4.33-3+b1
    4) I don’t

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    I think wpDiscuz files are damaged during update and install process. Something is wrong with server file system permissions or disk writing process, maybe a lack of free space in server. So please check those and try following:

    1. Please try to disable other plugins before updating wpDiscuz.
    2. Try to install the latest wpDiscuz using zip file uploaded option.

    3) Debian SID, PHP 7.2.4-1+b2, Apache 2.4.33-3+b1

    I don’t think using PHP 7.2.4-1+b2 version is a good idea. The latest stable version is 7.1.20. So we only support wpDiscuz up to 7.1.20 version.

    Well… from (
    “To run WordPress we recommend your host supports: PHP version 7.2 or greater.”

    There is space, I’ve just tested zip directly on system – changes nothing. Output;

    And here is how Admin page looks like after upgrading/installing wpdiscuz

    Anyway, I’m completely fine (so far) with version I have 5.0.7. I’ve just wanted to help, perhaps it’s not only me. I remember this happen already a month ago – or so, but then I had not time to seek for problematic update (I usually update few plugins at a time) and just restored backup. Today I did update one by one – and… 🙂

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