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  • I’m a sucker for updates but lately updating with the nightlies have messed up the local copy of my blog. So I’m asking if any of you have played around as well and if you know which latest nightly has been tested to be pretty stable?

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  • January 4th seems to be the consensus.

    That far back? Damn!! No wonder.. I’m using Jan 7th and just downloaded Jan 10. Thanks man, I’ll revert for now..

    PS: Excuse the typos! *lol*

    The 9th is holding strong for me so far – tested everything that someone is likely to use and no problems yet 🙂

    January 6th works for me locally and online, i tested ur backup/restore plugin too in local wersion.

    I didn’t updated since then cause the msg i read about problem with later builds i’m planning to update with the 10th one today on my local copy and then move it online tomorrow if it will be all ok

    I decided to settle with 10th and it’s working good. But I’m not using it online yet, just my offline test environment. So far so good.

    I’m still on the New Year’s Eve build. Works just fine for me, but then again I only tend to grab a new nightly every month or two.

    I tend to grab the nightlies, well, late at night, and I often don’t remember which nightly I’m running in which location (ie., I’m a dumb shit). Is there a way to discover the build date somewhere in the files themselves?

    in the wp-includes folder there is a file called version.php, that tells you which one your running, alternativly, just look at an rss feed, right at the top will be <!– generator=”wordpress/1.5-beta-1″ –>

    look at the zip man.. haha! don’t tell me you delete right after you extract!! *lol*

    I have installed every single nghtly since 01-06 and never ran into any major problem – except for the date display bug, which was fixed pretty fast via CVS…

    This thread is pretty old.
    So, which latest nightly has been tested to be pretty stable?

    The way I do my updates is that i tested locally in my computer first and than after a da or two i move to the live site.

    most of the issues i have in the past with nightly is some plugins break things up. i using nightly from 2005-01-30.


    V1.5 is now a gamma release rather than a beta FYI.

    1.5-beta-1 2005-01-25

    Working great.

    1.5-gamma seems to be the latest? i’ve just been running cvs update in my blog directory every night. is that healthy?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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