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  • There are a ton of posts on lost passwords. I have tried, as far as I can tell, everything from the Docs, including changing passwords in MyPhPAdmin and cleaning out all cookies.

    When I change the passwords in MyPhP, literally nothing happens when I try to Login. I put in the username and new password and once the password’s entered, it’s rejected. I tried the email approach for Lost Password, and putting in the new password clears both fields.

    The odd thing about this is that my blog,, has been working fine. I did reinstall Win XP Home on my system at home, but surely that didn’t impact anything.

    I really need help on this one and have no idea what to do.

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  • Did you follow this exactly?
    It can’t not work.

    You’ll need to edit the wp-config.php file which you will find @ your site’s root.

    config file for the WP blog password? That’s nonsense.
    The blog paswword is NOT stored in your config file. Just follow samboll’s link.

    I did follow Samboll’s link and did everything, step by step: input a new password and made it MD5 and it still doesn’t work. The site functions just fine, but I can get into the Dashboard. Well, I can with /wp-admin, but when I try to do anything, it throws me back to the login screen which won’t take the new password.

    That’s strange. If you didn’t do anything lately (no new plugins, no new settings), could you ask your host whether they made some software/hardware upgrade?

    Thank you. I’ll do that right now.

    Since the password change (and yep, I’m reaching here!) have you cleared browser cookies before logging back in?


    sdstern: did you add/change software firewalls? upgrade firefox? make any other changes to software?

    Wow, that’s really odd. I don’t believe I made any changes to Zone Alarm, but once I shut it down, I was able to login. Again oddly, ZA has been running for months and this hasn’t been a problem. But thank you ALL. Damn, what a wonderful forum and grand participants. I appreciate it so much. Truly this is a shining example of Internet Community. If you have a chance, visit

    Again, Thanks!

    ZA actually is generally set up by default to update itself. So it probably did so, and that’s what happened. Happened to me, why I asked. I went back to ZA free due to the stuff going on with ZA Pro, and since I have a hardware firewall too, ZA free is good enough….

    I reinstalled XP recently and with it, of course, ZA Security Suite. The firewall seems superfluous as I’ve a router and I had it turned off previously. I must say that this was a lot easier to resolve than issues with HostComm and a Hayes 300 baud modem 20+ years ago on my PC 1. Have a great and prosperous New Year.

    You as well, and I hear you on the 20+ years ago….

    I survived EasyWriter 1.0 (and still have the T shirt) and still haven’t a clue as to what that Asynchronous Communications software was.

    Heh, moi aussi…. though I wore out the t-shirt a LONG time ago!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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