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  • I thought I had my site – – up and running just fine. I’ve even put different pieces of wordpress on every page, using Show Category Post plugin. The main wordpress index page (the thoughts page) seems to work just fine. It’s the writing page ( that has the looping problem. As you’ll see, I only get two posts, and the third gets sent to the top of the page somehow, and behind the banner image and rest of the page (once it hits the main post section, it disappears behind it). This didn’t happen until I posted the third writing post (this page is showing only those in category 7-writing, and the haiku category in the sidebar).
    I’m using the same css for the fun stuff and home pages and don’t see a problem with them yet (but don’t have any posts on those pages yet). The thoughts page uses the wordpress css.

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  • Never mind, a fresh (fourth) look at the two pages (writing and thoughts(main wp index page)) showed a little misplaced div tag. Sneaky bastard <grin>
    I’m enjoying the heck out of this program. Despite all the hard work I’ve put into it, it’s much much easier to use than Nucleus was. Hell, I couldn’t even get N up and running!

    I realized that my second post was less than helpful for anyone that might run into this problem. The problem was that my

    <div class="post">

    was put before the php that starts the whole blog thing rolling (I intuit this stuff, I don’t know PHP for anything, so not sure what the technical names/functions might be)

    <?php show_category_posts('category=7&scp_limit=5&scp_status=publish&show_always=true'); ?>
    <?php if ($scp_posts) : foreach ($scp_posts as $post) : start_wp(); ?>
    <?php the_date('','<h2>','</h2>'); ?>

    Which also included the php for the Storytitle, Storycontent, and Feedback, which must have been what caused the funky looping post error. I guess having the ‘call’ lines with the ‘post’ lines just mucks things up. So I moved the div down past the ‘call’ lines, to just include those lines for the posts, and problem solved.
    Not sure this is any more useful to anyone, but thought I’d try.

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