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  • When I set my blog to show the last n posts, I don’t have any problems, but I set it to show the last n days, some weird stuff happens. On my blog I currently have it set to show the last n days and if you choose a category, say “stupidity” and scroll to the bottom, there will be a link to see previous posts, but if you click on it, it brings you to a page where there are no posts and the previous link keeps showing up.

    Basically, even though there are no more posts in that category, the previous posts link is showing up. As I said, if I change my blog to display the last n posts, the problem goes away, any ideas?


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  • Mine doens’t work properly either.

    Whether I have it configured to show only the last 14 posts or last 14 days it still displays posts going back to January.

    bump – anyone have any thoughts on this?

    I use a workaround:

    <?php else : ?>

    <h2 class="post-body">Sorry, no (more) posts
    match your criteria.</h2>
    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/searchform.php'); ?>
    <h3 class="post-body">Categories</h3>

      <?php list_cats(FALSE, '', 'name',
      'asc', '', TRUE, FALSE,
      TRUE, FALSE, '', FALSE,
      '', '', '14',
      TRUE); ?><p />

    <h3 class="post-body">Archives</h3>
    <?php smartArchives() ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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