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    Hi there,

    In the Sucuri plugin’s “Last Logins” section, I’m seeing “no data available” for “Successful Logins (all)” even when I log out and log back in multiple times. Indeed, I *do* see myself under the “Logged-in Users” tab. Likewise I see no entries in the “Failed logins” tab even though I just purposefully failed a login attempt.

    I see that the sucuri-lastlogins.php file contains only <?php exit(0); ?> though the Sucuri settings page shows it as “Writable”. Same with sucuri-failedlogins.php.

    I have deactivated and re-activated the plugin to no avail. I have also made sure the API key is re-entered.

    I’m on Sucuri version 1.8.14, WordPress version 4.9.5, hosted on WPEngine.

    Any other ideas what might be going wrong?

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  • Furthermore, I *do* get Sucuri email alerts about my successful and failed logins!

    That’s an interesting bug, considering that you have verified that the file is writable and the alerts are arriving to your inbox as expected. It may be related to some special configuration on WPEngine’s system.

    I will pass this to my project manager and they will decide the priority. I will investigate further once they pass the ticket back to me. I will probably need to create an account with WPEngine because I just tested on my development server and the bug is not reproducible.

    I will notify you when I find the solution.

    Thanks very much!

    So… I set up a new WPEngine site and it did not have this issue! So… shrug? I’m sorry it’s not repeatable 🙁

    Thank you for the update.

    Even if you are not experiencing the issue with the new website, I will still investigate further when the ticket is passed back to me. Many of our customers are hosting their websites via WPEngine, I believe many of them can benefit from a fix if the bug re-appears in the future.

    Lets mark this ticket as “resolved”, I will update if I find something new.

    FWIW, I now notice that *some* of the logins are not visible even though most (?) are. It’s possible there’s a lag happening, I don’t see my login today but I see my 3 day ago login. If I notice any patterns I’ll try to post here.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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