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    I have added the last item to my top navigation menu and saved the menu but it changes location. When I first add it to the menu, it is identified as a page and inside the “Original location” is shown. I indent it under its parent page. When I click Save Menu, it outdents to the far left and “page” becomes “custom” and the “Original location” is blank. I’ve deleted it and replaced it but it keeps happening.

    When this happens, the navigation menu changes from a one-line to a two-line menu because the last item wraps to the next line.

    How do I get this last one to stay in place? Is there a limit on the number of items one can have in the navigation menu?

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  • Please, I really need some help with this problem. Can anyone help? The menu is at

    If the width of the menu items is wider than the page width, it will drop to a second line. But that does not sound like what is happening? It sounds like there is a problem in the dashboard?

    Are you doing it as described here:

    hi there SleeplessinDC,

    You are using too many words/title in your menu, although you can still see small remaining space on the right hand side of the navigation bar which you’d like to fill, you are right to assume that there is limitation on the words/titles we use on the navigation bar.

    I suggest you simplify your choice of words or title, or use a parent and child technique. all the title shouldnt have to be on the top navigation bar. You just have to choose which of the pages you have is your priority, which you’d like the audience to see.

    Keep it up, you are doing great so far…

    Yes, I am using the instructions as described at

    I have changed the last menu item to be just two words: Join Us. But when I click Save Menu, it still jumps out of place (it is supposed to be a 3rd level menu item). It jumps from 3rd level to top level.

    Now that it is just two words, it fits in the navigation menu but I don’t want it there. I just want 7 items at the top.

    Why is it not staying as a 3rd level menu item? I’ve positioned it under the parent level but I can’t keep it there.

    I’m not totally clear on what you are saying – is Join Us supposed to be under another menu item?

    If that’s the case and it’s not staying there, try putting under another item just to see if that works.

    Yes, “Join Us” is supposed to be under “STC Membership” (a second-level item).

    I moved “Join Us” to be under a different second-level item and now “STC Membership” has jumped out of place and shows up as a first-level item and shows up in the navigation menu. It is supposed to be under “About STC”, which is already on the navigation menu. The type of menu item changed from “Page” to “Custom”.

    This is how it is supposed to be
    About STC
    Annual Conference Information
    STC Membership
    Join Us

    All 3 sublevels under “About STC” should be type “Page”

    After moving “Join Us” under the other second-level heading and saving the menu, this is what I now have:

    About STC
    Annual Conference Information
    Join Us
    STC Membership

    Now all 3 sublevels under “About STC” are type “Custom”

    Well, the indenting didn’t get kept. Try to explain it:
    “Annual Conference Information”
    “STC Membership”

    are second-level item under “About STC” (first-level item)
    “Join Us” is a third-level item that is supposed to be under “STC Membership”

    So levels should be

    After test move of 3, I now have

    1 (which was a 2)

    Try deactivating your plugins to see if any may be causing this behavior. If not, reset the plugins folder – by using FTP to rename the plugins folder temporarily to something else like “pluginsOLD”.

    I’ll try that but I don’t see how the plugins would affect this. All other 2nd, 3rd, and in some cases, 4th level items in the rest of the menu work correctly. Just not the one at the very bottom of the menu.
    Will let you know the results of the plugin test.

    Turning off the plugins made no difference. At first, I deactivated individual plugins and tested, then I renamed the plugins folder to pluginsOLD and tested the menu again. No improvement to the problem. So it isn’t affected by any plugins.

    Another experiment that is interesting.

    As a test, I removed a 2nd-level menu item from one of the sections above the bottom section and put the items in the bottom items back into their proper places again. This time when I saved, everything stayed where they should be.

    But when I add back the one I took out or add 1 more level to any section, then the one at the bottom jumps out of place.

    So there does seem to be a restriction on the number of items you can have in the menu. This is bad because I haven’t filled out all the sections yet and will have more menu items to add.

    How do I change the number of items allowed in a menu?

    There is some limit – but I think it’s like 90 – do you have that many?

    Yes, I had exactly 90. I deleted 1 menu item and it all worked. I’ve deleted one more level to make a total of 88 items but this means I can only add 1 new menu item to make it 89. The 90th one causes it to make the bottom one become a top level item. For some reason, it also changes the bottom 3 menu items from type Page to type Custom. Reducing it from 90 to 88 levels did not repair that change.

    Where in the code is the number of menu levels set so I can modify it in the child theme?

    It’s actually a server issue – this thread discusses it and there are others if you need more info – try a google search:

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