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  • The email address and name of the last person that left a comment on one of my posts stays in the form for everyone to see. Even though it clearly says “Hidden”

    I’m using the standard WP comment form. I went in and approved the comment, but as I said, the comment form never cleared out. And her name and email address is on every page that contains the form. Has anyone seen this happen before?

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  • whooami



    not once, thats a new one.. can I see? I’m asking that in all seriousness.

    If youre talking about Carol, I dont see her info in the form. (I just had to go looking for that)

    Yes, I am talking about Carol. On every page that has a contact form, I can see the name and email address still filled in. Maybe that’s on my own PC only for some reason. I even see it when I’m not logged in.

    Could a couple people check please? For easy reference:

    Otherwise, I might go to CFormsII for the standard comment form.

    I looked. All four fields are empty on the two posts I looked at. Even the post with Carol’s actual comment on it.

    Thanks for looking. I am at another location away from home and am looking on a different computer. It’s not there for me either. That’s very bizarre. If it’s still there when I get home and look again, I’m going to go to the CForms plugin. It has nice features anyway.

    This problem just appeared for me as well – very, very strange – exists with all plugins – I contacted websiteguy and he says the problem went away for him, but he never found out why

    Has anyone who has experienced this problem figured out what causes it and how to fix it? I’ve had to do a temp/undesirable fix of modifying my theme’s comments.php to not load the commenter name, email, url into the fields when it exists – so, at least no commenters’ details will be exposed – downside is everyone has to type in his/her details every time

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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